“Because I am the tank, and I can do whatever I want, that’s what being the tank means.”

Further adventures of a very new healing paladin. The following day saw me visiting the Looking for Dungeon tool once more.

By this point I was about halfway through level 19 and I really wanted to hit 20 and get some horsepower. So off I go to another random instance, which turns out to be DM. Not before picking up a Glyph of Holy Light, though. Which is supremely awesome! I also got Glyph of Lay on Hands for my minor glyph. I should note, BTW, that I’m experiencing wait times of less than 5 mins, and usually more like about a minute or less. I zone into a fresh DM group that seems ready to go; a mage, two shaman, and a warrior tank. Even though I’ve respecced my meager holy spec to try and get more int I am still having some issues with mana so I’m struggling along behind the tank a bit as he rushes ahead.

Things get interesting when he starts bitching at the shaman “wth shammy, y u do that? don’t run ahead of me.” At this point I told him “Yeah, and don’t run ahead of ME because I’m trying to keep up but I need to stop and drink sometimes in-between pulls.” It gets ugly when there’s a pat that comes in on us from behind – oblivious, the ‘tank’ rushes on ahead to aggro the next group. I manage to get in-between the two fighting groups to keep him from dying and keep the squishier folks at the back alive but I’m pretty OOM by the end and I say, “WTH, why would you go and aggro another group when there are still mobs back here?”

His response: “Because I am the tank, and I can do whatever I want, that’s what being the tank means.”    Needless to say, it went downhill from there. We were at the point where you open the door and go down the spiral staircase to fight some goblins as the shaman were arguing with Mr. I’m The Tank, Foo- one of them said, “Well she’s heals, so she can just let you die, don’t heal him!” Of course I am going to keep healing him though because not healing him means we’ll probably die. But as soon as I can catch him in-between combat (apparently you can’t use Vote To Kick in combat) I vote to oust him and he’s gone. We go on to kill the next boss with the enh shammy tanking – she was tanking half the time anyhow, I figured she’d be fine for it, but after this it got a bit hairy. Enh shaman had to go, a new tank joined the group but he’s all the way back at the beginning and we’re already in combat. We start to go back to meet him but he’s already dead. He releases and runs back but doesn’t wait for us to reach him – gets killed again. At this point we’re all pretty fed up, and the tank ends up just quitting and the group falls apart. No Satchel of helpful goods for incomplete DM.

Wailing Caverns
I queued for another random awhile later hoping to get something short, but scored out with WC again. In this case the tank went one direction, two of the DPS went another… it was just the tank and I, I got put to sleep, he died, I died… Two of the DPS left, I sensed it was going to be an unenjoyable experience so I told them regrettably I’d have to go and didn’t have time to wait for more people.

That said, I’ve managed to get from about level 17-20 just with the above mentioned instances. I have a horse! And I learned Flash of Light. And put one point in Illumination, which is possibly a bad idea with the low levels of crit that I have, I’m not sure. I think that having a smaller, less mana-intensive heal will help me top people off a little bit and should help with my mana situation. I also learned Consecrate apparently. And Kings! Which is  really powerful at this level, I mean it’s great at every level, but it helps me squeeze a bit more out of my meagre stats. So that’s my pugging experience with my baby pally so far, we’ll see how it goes from here. If I wind up in a Gnomer pug at some point I may have to abandon the whole venture.

4 responses to ““Because I am the tank, and I can do whatever I want, that’s what being the tank means.”

  1. Just want to say I’m enjoying reading your adventures. I’m new to WOW in general and am playing a druid – trying to go for healing. I’m level 25 currently. My fav *rolling eyes* PUG so far was me, a warrior and 3 warlocks that wanted to aggro. Oh man..that was an adventure!

    I’m still not sure what to make of the lifedraining warlocks…do I heal them or not?? It kindof depends on how the tank is doing and how my mana is doing, really.

    This LFG business is craziness, but I think I like it.

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