It’s okay, I’m a rogue. You’re not supposed to notice.

I think that in the end I only ran Gnomeregan about five times, total. I could go back through my blog entries and count, but I’m going to say it doesn’t matter and it was about five times. I thought that was bad. It IS an instance that takes a significant chunk of time.

I had not yet been introduced to monotony in the way that being level 30-32 has introduced me to monotony leveling a character through the LFD tool.

“Scarlet Monastery Graveyard” syndrome is typified by a few key symptoms. Let me enumerate them for you.

  • Spontaneous narcolepsy at the keyboard
  • Group apathy regarding: drops, conversation, the run or any of the mobs in it
  • Tendency to whimper, “I’ll – rip – the – secrets – from – your – flesh!” in a creepy singsong.

If you or any of your family members or loved ones begin to exhibit any of these signs, don’t wait, seek aid quickly. Preferably by deciding against leveling a character exclusively through the LFD tool in the first place. Leave yourself an “except if I start to see red in the form of Scarlets one too many times” caveat.

The phenomenon is best summed up by a fellow I grouped with while pugging the other day. It was my fifth Graveyard run and he observed (not to me, but about me)… “I’ve had the same healer for this five times today.”

You don’t say? That’s funny, because I’m a healer. And this is the fifth time I’m doing this. Wait a minute…

I really had grouped with him five times, I guess. I didn’t recognize him at all, except vaguely I knew that we’d run together the previous time. I sheepishly admitted that I hadn’t realized we’d grouped together as many times. His answer? See the title post. He wins at witty repartee.

The rogue went on to say, “I’m loving the new LFD tool! It makes leveling so fluid!”

The words were still hanging there in the air, in a little speech bubble, as the tank blundered into Scarlet Room No. 1 and pulled the whole thing. I had to laugh, but in the end he was right; none of us died, all of THEM died, and so really that is pretty fluid. I remarked wearily, “Five runs in a row, I’m getting a little tired of this place.” Again, though, Mr. Stabby McStab had me beat.

“Only five?” he said. “This is my eleventh.” But he sounded happy about it.

So needless to say, I don’t have quite the pug endurance I normally would at the moment. Five graveyards at a time is approximately my limit, no matter how smooth the groups.

I’ve duly noted hints and tips about warlocks, spirit tapping, and their dependence on doing so. I’ve officially put them on the “benefit of the doubt” list for the time being. I’m sure I sounded meaner than I really am – it’s not that I have a problem with healing people who need it. If more tanks were using a shield, I’d be likely to have more time to spare for beleaguered, low-level ‘locks.

For now though, I have to tell you about another warlock I encountered. I’m not sure this one ever life-tapped at all. That wasn’t his problem. His problem seemed to be some mixture of recklessness/cluelessness. All throughout the instance (I watched him doing this, though perhaps he thought no-one would notice) he kept pulling mobs. He’d sneak ahead, target something – send his pet in to attack it, immediately begin wanding and then type into party chat: “Help!”

This wasn’t an isolated incident. I watched him go to a completely different area of the graveyard and do it. Pet, wand… “Help!” Wanding, incidentally, made up the bulk of his attacks for the instance. Maybe the word has gotten out about me, he was too afraid to Lifetap to get any mana, and so wanted to conserve everything he could.

“I didn’t just shoot this ghost in the eye with my magical wand! Someone help me!”

At one point our tank disconnected. The possible OT was AFK. It was just myself, rogue, warlock. I was just asking if the other warrior might agree to tank so we could finish the instance, when the warlock charged down the steps. The rogue and hapless healing pally followed.

Encountering the first batch of undead there, the warlock began wanding. “Help,” he cried, unexpectedly.

I was healing him. I was. I was healing his pet too. And the rogue. For a moment I thought we might pull it off, but too many of them were on me, dividing my healing between them and mostly me. Perhaps I should have been a better healing pally turned tank. I was running out ofΒ  ‘I have a ghost in my unmentionables’ cooldowns (damn you, Forbearance).

“I’m going to die,” the warlock said, in his first flash of understanding since we’d met.

He was right. Moments later, the rogue and I are still struggling to eke by, and the warlock is typing in party chat. “Can someone rez me?” We hadn’t yet died ourselves.

I’m sure it’s nothing about warlocks in particular. I just keep encountering them, that’s all I’m saying!

People keep telling me that they’ve been inspired to level a lowbie alt this way after reading here. I have only one thing to say to this.

What is wrong with you people?! Really? You read this and it makes you WANT to do it? We need a support group or something.

The plus side is, though, that there are other people writing things in a much more systematic and helpful way than I am. Natarumah wrote this Instance Leveling 101 guide. Cass over at HoTs & DoTs has been mapping Gnomeregan for the directionally challenged. I might try to compile some lowbie holy pally things, since the sum total of knowledge I found on the topic when I searched can essentially be boiled down to: “Lowbie Holy pally healing? Don’t/lol noob/go ret,” etc. I have switched to judging Light to help the DPS heal themselves instead of Wisdom to give me mana to heal them, and that seems to have been helpful so far!

This next part has nothing to do with being a pally or pugging, so feel free to skip it if that’s all you’re into. Some folks might recall that when I’m not punishing myself mercliessly trying to progress beyond SM: GY, I mess things up with the power of the arcane/frost/fire, even frostfire, for a stint.

I haven’t really made a fuss about hiding my identity here – anyone who cared to armory Vidyala would know my guild anyway. We like ten-person raiding, hard modes, and general tomfoolery. Possibly shenanigans. We’re looking for a ranged DPS right now. That’s it, just one awesome DPS. Preference given to one whose skills have progressed beyond wanding a mob and screaming “help,” – you should have a macro to pop your trinkets first and THEN wand the mob. Drop me a line if you have any questions about the guild, or the macro. I make a great wanding macro.

24 responses to “It’s okay, I’m a rogue. You’re not supposed to notice.

  1. I had rolled a new hunter and I leveled quick as I could to 15 so I could PuG!

    I joined my first group thinking, “Oh boy oh boy oh boy!” and I left it thinking, “I can’t believe I was looking forward to that.”

    Sometimes I question my sanity as well…

  2. I feel your pain. I have a lvl 24 Shammy healer and I get BRD as the daily random 50% of the time and Stockades the other 50%. Half the time I get parties with players that are new to the game and just try to bum rush their way through the dungeon. Most of the time I can keep them up but its very frustrating.

    On the flip side I also get groups where most of the players are trying to level their alts and those dungeons are pretty boring for a healer.

    I’ll be so glad when I no longer meet the level requirements for those two dungeons. But then I’ll be high enough level for….Scarlet Monastary *dun dun dun*

  3. Spare time. Isn’it the way all stupid stuff begins?

    Truthfully, I envy you for all these hilariously bad groups; I have yet to have a group so bad it’s easy to tell a good story about it.

    Now send some’o those warlocks over’ere!

  4. Graveyard is pretty boring especially considering there is only 1 boss (unless your really lucky) and it only drops caster loot. If you have the BOA items as a caster, you don’t even want the caster loot because you’ll never use it.

    Now your level 32 you’ll only sometimes get Graveyard now πŸ™‚ You’ll also if your lucky get a run of Library – YAY!

    On a completely different topic I want to know what happened to Shadowfang Keep. I kept waiting for it to appear and it never did! Has Blizzard removed it from the LFD tool so that when Cataclysm hits it seems new and shiny? Curious if anyone else managed to get it as a random.

    • Shadowfang Keep has yet to come up for me as well. I’m going to have to qeue for it specifically I guess.

      • I got SFK randomly, but I never got the Deadmines randomly. I did RC randomly a bunch of times, then WC randomly maybe three times, then SFK randomly. After that I was too high to get Deadmines randomly, so I did it manually to see it and do the quests, then I was too high to get SFK randomly again! It seems like it is really only available in a very narrow range of levels. Combined with the fact that you tend to get a level or two per run at that point means if you get unlucky you can miss out on an instance entirely.

        Now I’m in at a level where it looks like my only random choices will be Gnomer and RFK, and I look back wistfully at those levels when I could have done VC and SFK!

  5. Just… wow.
    I’ve been getting HoS on my (then 78) Mage for the last few days and I don’t want to see it anymore. So done with that place… And I only ran it once per day. With mostly decent groups even, only took <30min, each of them.
    I'm just not made for this I guess πŸ˜›
    Got a 44 Feral Druid and 25 Ret Pally where I could *try* this, but… no, I'll rather read about it I guess.

  6. You’re so right about the Graveyard Graveyard Graveyard Graveyard Graveyard Graveyard Graveyard thing. There’s only one thing worse:

    Library Library Library Library Library Library Library Library Library Library Library Library Library Library Library Library Library Library Library Library Library

    I reached level 34 and almost fell off my chair when I looked out the first corridor and said “omg! isn’t the garden meant to be square?”

  7. Well considering how SM 3 other instance could well get you into the mid 30s. I think you be visiting the library a whole lot and then 50% of the time you get the armory and someday when the SM wants to give a cute present it will let you in to the Cathedral area.

    I think reading about this way leveling is way more amusing than how its been my 4th day trying to gear my resto druid for ICC using LFD and pray I dont get the 3 new Heroic Dungeons with a group that has a Tank that is in such a rush to get thru the instance that they forget the healer needs mana or let alone heaven forbid they let you sit and drink. All that the LFD has done for my experience is that somehow, somehow i am grouped with Speedy Gonzalez and family. I really do keep asking myself is there an achievement for finishing the instance in less than 15 minutes? Maybe i should write to blizzard and suggest them to make an achievement about how to finish the instance in less than 12 minutes.

    I wonder if the tank even looks back to see if the group is even following him at all.

  8. I recently made my little Paladin a Tank/Healer (yes, I am masochistic that way). First time tanking: SM:Cath. Well, at least I know the way.

    The Frost Mage pulled the first mob as I was buffing. He froze it twice, blinked away, ice shielded (I have a mage so I know what that looks like). I just waited. When he was at 50% I taunted the mob and we killed it.

    “Do not pull for me, that is very annoying and runs me out of mana quicker”

    That, and it means they decide the pace, which can be hairy if you are tanking for the first time.

    We cleared it pretty well, but one hunter never caught on. He kept shooting at mobs in strange corners, and then proceeded to run his macroed “HELP ME” macro. I have tried for three time to almost letting him die, then using HoProt, Taunt or HoSalv to get it off and save him. In the end it turned into a bit of a fight, him and the healer exchanged some coarse terms and he left. We proceeded to clear the place in 5-10 minutes tops after that.

    I love tanking, but it’s really not easy. ^_^

    • So this isn’t an isolated incident! It’s as if these people think they’re so coy, pulling mobs ON PURPOSE but trying to make it look as if they accidentally pulled and so need ‘help’ as a passive-aggressive way to try and force you faster.

      Little do they know that we’re getting wise to their tricks!

    • And people wonder why it’s so hard to find a tank?

      For me, warlocks haven’t been as big a problem as hunters. But, either way, it’s quite off-putting!

  9. You have convinced me to give this leveling idea a try, I will make a toon in Alleria as a druid and level resto all the way through using just the LFD. It shouldn’t be that bad i think, right?

  10. I sympathize with you about getting the same instance over and over. The LFD tool rekindled my interest in my baby Disc priest, and I levelled her from about 48 to 56 that way.

    Entirely. In. Blackrock Depths.

    I’ll be the first to admit, BRD is Huge and Epic in a way that no modern instance is. (These days, Ahn’Kahet is a “long” instance…) But, you meet so few players who’ve been to the instance before, that it too easily becomes a three hour slog (…in the dark…through dwarf-infested tunnels).

    On the bright side, by the time I finally started drawing Dire Maul East at around level 56, I was quite happy about it…though judging by the number of puggies who dropped group immediately after zoning in to DM, I might have a touch of insanity. πŸ™‚

  11. I love reading your adventures…keep them coming! My baby pally is 21, but I am thinking 3 healers is enough…pally healing is just not the kind of healing I like! But we’ll see. I thought about making her a tank, but…ya we’ll see.

  12. Fantastic blog! Love it. I Try and check it daily
    on my iPhone at lunch to see if there has been an update! I need more. I find it very relatable as I am leveling through dungeons with my girlfriend (who is very new to the game).

  13. I shall enlighten you about lowbie warlock life tapping!

    The water we have available fills up less than half our mana pool, in 30 seconds.

    The bandages we have available heal up twice our HP pool, in 15 seconds.

    Of course, this demands that the said warlock actually uses bandages, and – god forbid – even lifeblood if they are herbalists.

    So just tell ’em to bandage, and continue on πŸ™‚

  14. Sounds like the rogue has Stockholme…I mean … Second Degree Monastery Graveyard syndrome – the moment when you start to realise you love it. No. Really. You love it. You want to do it five… eleven … twenty …times *drools*

  15. Oh, I just found your blog through Righteous Orbs and I LOVE it – read all the entries in one swoop.

    I’m currently leveling a warrior tank and I just hit 23, after having tanked a few instances (WC, DM, BRD so far – I expect Stocks and SFK to start popping any day now). Every time I see a hunter in the group, I cringe – hunters are trigger happy and I have yet to start a pull without seeing an arrow whizz by and hitting the mob before I can. Most of my pulls with a hunter consists of running towards the mob, taunting the one that runs past, hitting my blood rage thing to get some rage, and thunderclapping the rest of the mobs that are also running towards the hunter.

    And most of the time, my “please let me pull, I can’t generate rage if the mob doesn’t hit me right off the bat” is met with .. well, more pulling from the hunter. πŸ˜›

    But it’s fun anyway – this is my first warrior past level 15, and I have an 80 druid tank and a 73 sometimes-tanking paladin (ret is more fun, heh) so at least I’m not a total noob.

    I’ve actually been thinking about starting a new blog and rolling up a new toon on a different server with no heirlooms and money, just to see what it’d be like leveling only from LFD. Looks like you’ve beaten me to it, and I’m sure it’s much more entertaining than anything I could write. πŸ˜€ Thanks for the small break from work (shhh). Added you to my Reader so I can catch updates in the future!

    Oh, and what ranged dps class are you looking for (or lacking), by the way? I enjoy raiding, especially hard modes, but I have a small problem in that I have one of every class on my server, which means I’m out of character slots. I’d need to find a home for one of my toons on another server, hopefully with a purpose. 3 raid-ready 80’s on one server is just too many to have to deal with, in my opinion, and besides the warrior, the rest are too high of a level and I can’t bring myself to delete any.

    • Thanks for the kind words, D. I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. Isn’t it ironic that the biggest problem facing low-level warriors – being rage-starved at the beginning of a fight – is more than compensated by the HONEST TO GOODNESS rage caused by pugging with hunters and other oblivious DPS?

      As for our recruitment needs, as Abima noted; we’d be sweet on a moonkin or an elemental shaman in particular but we have one of every other ranged class represented so doubling up on any other would not be an issue at all. You can see our recruitment post here for more details:


  16. “Oh, and what ranged dps class are you looking for (or lacking), by the way?”

    We’re not picky. If you’re a skilled player with a good attitude, we don’t care about your particular class.

    That said, either a Moonkin or Elemental Shaman would be ideal, but we wouldn’t turn away a good mage, warlock, hunter, or shadow priest.

  17. To tell you the truth, I haven’t really taken any of my alts out questing at all. I just take turns queuing them up for random dungeons until the run out of rest, and then go to the next one, when I have the time. All of them are pretty much 15-30, though, so I’m seeing a lot of the same stuff. Eventually it will get harder to do when the instances get longer. But since I’m not good at questing all on my lonesome, it’s pretty fun.

    Once cataclysm comes out, I’m going to level a toon solely through PvP. That will be…. fun? Maybe I’ll blog about it. I’m sure it’s being done, or has been done, already though. πŸ™‚

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