Identity Crises

If you’d told me a year ago that I would start a blog about WoW, I would probably have believed you. I enjoy writing, and I enjoy WoW. If you’d told me additionally that my “public face,” as it were, would be a paladin? I probably wouldn’t have bought that. I’d leveled a paladin only to level 20, and (I’m sorry) I hated it. I was retribution, and I was awful. I’d given up on being a paladin. I suppose for the folks who aren’t altoholics, it’s easy to have a class or role that is “yours,” that you most identify with.

The sheer volume of awesome druid blogs out there seems indicative of this to me. It’s a class that many people just fall in love with, and it becomes their passion.

My husband is like that. He’s a die-hard warrior, to the core. He’s a little disheartened and frustrated by warrior changes (or lack thereof) this year, but his loyalties are still very clear. He’s the unfortunate subject of much teasing about it, since he 1) loves warriors, and 2) hates paladins. That my blog is about paladins sort-of-kind-of makes him die a little inside. I leveled a protection warrior to try it out, sometime last year, but as I neared eighty with her I realized I just wouldn’t play her all that much. At the time he was bored and looking for something to do – so I transferred the character to his account. He finished leveling her (now aΒ  him) with much excitement. So yes, he has two level eighty warriors. Because in his opinion, the only thing better than one warrior is two warriors.

I’ve never really been that way about one specific class. I started out playing as a priest, abandoned around level forty-five to make a mage, and then never looked back. There is definitely a part of my personality that is one-hundred percent mage. I dove into battlegrounds at level seventy to acquire my giant, pink PvP staff. It was a blast. I was sort of good at it, even. A much more veteran friend of mine said, “Vid, I’ve never seen someone with 5K HP f*** so many people up.” 5K was abysmally low at the time. My PvP strategy largely centered on getting lost in a crowd of people and snipe-killing from relative safety, and if I had no other choice, I’d just go kamikaze. Needless to say, Alterac Valley was my place. I had a blast, and I concluded: being a mage is awesome.

Then last year, I began to level another character along with some guild friends at the time. Nobody else in the guild was at their level and they had transferred from Horde-side. So I thought, “I have a level twenty-eight druid! I’ll try leveling her.” The druid was actually the very first character I had created, but I abandoned her fairly early on in favour of the priest. The reason why, I believe, is just that it was very complicated and I had no idea what I was doing since I was new to WoW in general. The different forms all had these mysterious things I should be doing, attacking in caster form felt weak, my gear was awful. When I came back to the druid later, I think I was much better prepared to play a hybrid class. I’d tanked a little (prot warrior), ranged DPS (mage), and healed (priest). I understood each role and form a little better. I was also loaded down with heirloom gear, and the luxury of bags and gold. Leveling my druid at that time was a completely different experience.

I loved being a druid. I leveled as Balance. I enjoyed it so much that it actually caused friction – the group of leveling people were staying around the same level so that they could group together, but I didn’t want to be held back. I steamrolled past them and began leveling my shaman alt to stay with them as a sort of placeholder, because I wanted that druid at level eighty. I had a feeling she would be my “main,” if I could swing it. Along the way, I dual-specced and made a restoration spec. I still remember vaguely flailing around and asking a resto druid friend her opinion about specs, glyphs, and spells to cast. I really had no idea what I was doing, but it was so much fun. I stubbornly did the quest for epic flight form once I was able, rather than just purchasing it. I worked to get my Lower City reputation high enough to do heroic Sethekk Halls for a chance at an Anzu mount. Being a druid and I were meant for each other. When I had the opportunity, I made my restoration druid my raiding main (swapping her in for my priest healer).

Yet still I pined sometimes for my mage, she of the fireballs, the one who could bring strudels and smarts! I made sure to try and keep her gear as up to date as I could – running daily heroics for emblems. When we made the decision to transfer servers and join a raiding guild, I needed a break from healing. I applied with my mage because then I could not be forced into a healing role. Understand, it’s not that I don’t enjoy healing. I think it presents challenges different from those of a DPS, and it’s a lot of fun. But it stops being fun when it’s a chore. I healed our previous raid group because it felt like nobody else would. No one wanted the responsibility, so I shouldered it. We often had to pug a second healer, because there was no reliable other regular healer to do it. One of the other druids did dual-spec and learn how to resto to help on fights where two couldn’t pull it off, and I appreciated it, but the pressure of being ‘the healer’ got to be a bit much for me.

Relaxing into mage DPS was an awesome feeling. I started reading mage blogs and theorycrafting quite a bit more, trying to up my game. I focused on my gear and set bonuses. I did struggle a bit as our raid was fairly melee-focused in terms of buffs (rogue, hunter, ret paladin, enhancement shaman, actually at one point two hunters). But then we started coming up against content that sometimes wants three healers. Valithria Dreamwalker. Sindragosa with her ridiculous debuff. I started wondering if I wasn’t being a bit of a waste. Some people are just extremely passionate about DPS, or healing, respectively. I really and truly love both. Doesn’t it make sense for someone who can play and likes to play both styles, to have a character who can do so? I thought so.

My choices were:

  1. Sofira the Priest: terribly poor gear, still in Tier 7 from when that gear was good
  2. Callios the Shaman: decent elemental gear but laughable resto gear, and I don’t know the playstyle very well
  3. Shaedre the Druid: had kept gear reasonably up to date, pugged a few ToCs, and I loved the healing style but was unsure about Balance.

I had to try out Balance and see how I liked it. A few things about it had bothered me in the past – how stationary it was, its reliance on proc buffs making it too subject to RNG (Your eclipse procced just before Festergut made you yak up your lunch? Too bad.) And yet. The possibility of being a true hybrid was alluring. The buffs that a moonkin brings to a raid are also incredible. Previously I hadn’t liked moonkin compared to being a mage, but I was willing to give it a shot.

To my surprise, I found that the nuances of a DoT + nuke based class are pretty interesting. Keep in mind, I’ve been an arcane mage for many months. I kissed my DoTs goodbye when Fire just wasn’t keeping pace. So managing even a few DoTs is something new to me. Weaving the DoTs in-between eclipse procs is also new. Treants and Starfall cooldowns. Moonkin DPS felt urgent and engaging. “Solar eclipse! Spam spam spam wrath,” followed closely by “Lunar eclipse! Cast Staaaarfiiiiire.” Periods of Starfire are slower and give me time to look around while I’m hitting the button, as well as glancing at my DoT timers to plan when I’m going to refresh them. Using Starfall without pulling half of Icecrown is a feat just by itself. (I love that spell so much, I do. I wish I had a little more control over it. So if you see the big chicken squished against the wall with the stars over her head and feathers crossed hoping she didn’t just tick off Marrowgar through to Deathwhisper? That’s me.)

I think the decision to once again “change mains” was a good choice for me. We recently recruited a very excellent full-time resto druid so my role is squarely DPS with a side of “resto sometimes if needed,” but I’m perfectly fine with that. Being able to step up and heal when our group needs someone to do so, even 10% of the time, is 10% more than I was able to do so as a mage, as much as I love mages.

Meanwhile, I guess in essence, I’m most druidic or mageish, but I have a healthy dose of priestliness and shamanism too. And lately I’m feeling a good deal of solidarity with my paladin friends. Because this is, after all, about a pugging pally – sort of. I sometimes wish I could be the person who is so passionate about one class that it’s an easy choice to devote their blog solely to that one class, but I just don’t see it happening. I really do enjoy my little pugging pally, though, and in a universe of infinite time I’d like to learn restoration shaman. I wonder sometimes whether my guildies plan to make a character switch at the expansion. It’s often a time of minor upheaval like that – people get bored with their classes or have wanted to change for awhile and just seize the opportunity, and you just hope that role distribution lands more or less the same on the other side. I’m not even sure what I will do. Maybe I’ll be ready to explore being a shaman more fully, or stick with my druid until the bitter end, or even (gasp) be a paladin. I’ll be interested to see who else is planning on making a change (if any).

Are you someone who loves one class above all others? Or do you find yourself switching it up all the time? Does more than one class claim your allegiance? Are you a closet tree, or a proud paladin? I love hearing about why people like the classes that they do, because I can find so many things to like about so many different classes.

30 responses to “Identity Crises

  1. youyankityoutankit

    Since Vanilla wow, when I started playing, my goal was to have one of every class at max level. Within the last month I achieved that.

    My DK tank is my main and I truly adore her! I only rolled a dps spec on her because of the crap I get in the LFD as a dk tank…

    That said, I do rather enjoy tanking in the LFD on my pallytank and warrior tank. Both have dps offspecs that… eh, don’t work quite as well for them.

    My mage is alright… I thought she was going to be my pvp toon, but she’s not.. though she’s right fun to play. I also enjoy my hunter quite a bit too.

    My shaman is enhancement/resto – just started healing on her last night… and it’s going swimmingly.

    My druid is kitty/bear and I am still fighting to make bear work… Not sure it will

    My disc priest – I totally adore and love to pvp on her.

    My lock and rogue are level 80… but I just can’t stand either one of them very well… The lock sadly used to be my main, but the changes sorta made me fall out of love with the class.

    And I think that’s my crew. My lock was my toon for vanilla and bc, though I surely love checking out other classes. The DK is my toon for this xpac.

    • Wow! There’s actually a fellow in my guild aiming to have ten 80s – do you ever find it confusing? Like you’re trying to spam Maul while you’re playing your warrior, or similar? It sounds like you not only have the characters but actually play them all regularly. Just gearing and funding that many characters is a mind-boggling prospect to me. Do you suppose you’ll change mains when the expansion comes around?

      • I try to have 10 80s too, so I’ll be annoying and try to answer those questions too. Will be interesting to see the differences, so I hope Youyankityoutank it answers too. πŸ˜€

        My experiences so far?

        No it’s not really confusing, but I have to make sure that my buttons do similiar things on all my charas and that they all have the same UI interface. The OMFG I GOT AGGRO is the same on all of them, they just do feign death on my hunter, feint on my rogue and the taunt on my tanks. (I guess it’s a OMFG I’VE NOT GOT AGGRO button in this case).

        I won’t play all characters regulary, unless you count the AH or tradeskills – my hunter’s going to be stabled and will only be pulled out when I need leather. My pally’s THE main, all others take a backseat and are just fun toys.

        If a new expansion gives a new class I’ll level that too, although I hope they throw in a new chara slot per server in this case.

        And WTB the ability to sort my charas in the selection screen!

      • I also make sure similar abilities are hot-keyed to the same buttons on different characters, it helps a LOT. Shift-C began as Concussive Shot as my hunter (slowing shot), so it also became my keybind for Hamstring on my warrior. Shift-S was Swipe (hits multiple targets) while I was leveling as a feral druid, so naturally it is also Cleave on the warrior.

        Probably my most crucial one is CTRL-spacebar which is always my OH CRAP button (Feign Death on hunter, Barkskin/Nature’s Grasp on druid, Will of the Forsaken on priest/warrior). Having these always as the same buttons helps a ton, since whenever I need to use them it’s crucial I get the spell off immediately and without delay.

      • youyankityoutankit

        Normally I don’t really get mixed up… I have hit hit Hand of Reckoning on my pally tank because that’s the rune strike button on my dk tank [main] and I did have a little mixup trying to bubble people on my shaman [who just started a resto set] but other than a few minor spots like that, not really.

        I run a heroic on as many as possible every day [I do have a priority order, so the more important ones get through for sure]. The dk is the only one who raids regularly, though the disc priest, kitty druid and pally tank have all been called into service to fill in for absent people in some of our 10 mans. Just last night I was filling in for a dps on my kitty. Just doing the daily heroics since the LFD patch has netted them a lot of gear via badges and I’ve been quite lucky with drops overall. I mostly leveled them because I wanted an understanding of each class… first hand.

        As for changing mains – I hope not. But given that I changed mains from BC to LK, I recognize it as a possibility. I think I’ll probably always be either tanking or healing though. I love both roles.

  2. I started out with a Hunter and leveled her for a bit and then, roughly Oktober last year, started a Belf Paladin.

    I fell in love with her, and especially with the protection tree. Shiny skills! I survive mobs chewing on me and can watch them tear themselves apart on my retribution aura! It’s GREAT.

    All things considered she’s my main, even though she isn’t my highest level character. But like youyankityoutankit my goal is it to have an 80 of every class – it’s just that I still have to hit 80 on any of my characters yet. πŸ˜‰

  3. My main is a disc priest (shadow offspec) and I love it. Once she became my main there was no going back. Disc definitely fits me, and shadow is a fun diversion.

    My prot Pally used to be my main in TBC. I enjoy tanking, but I like healing better and don’t really enjoy pally healing so meh.

    My mage is super fun, but undergeared and left behind on an old server so he’s getting pretty dusty.

    I still don’t understand my warlock. Leveling it was fun and easy, but at 80 I feel lost.

    My newest 80 is a resto/boomkin druid and honestly if this had been my first toon at max level I’m not sure I’d have bothered with anything else. I have a blast druid healing, my only complaint is it feels too easy after the disc priest.

    Usually I don’t get them too confused, but switching rapidly between 2 healers has me fumbling for the wrong buttons for a few minutes until I get back on track!

  4. I, supposedly, have a thing for ranged DPS, though you couldn’t tell it from my current max level characters. I played a mage to the level cap in beta, but haven’t gotten one past 40 in live (though I have three of them at that level). I played a hunter to level cap in Vanilla, but dropped her in favor of another class that duoed better with my husband’s hunter when he started playing.

    So though my proclaimed favorites are a mage and a hunter, my capped characters are a resto druid and a rogue. Go figure.

    Maybe I should get back to one of my hunters or mages before Cataclysm.

  5. My hunter Rades has always been my main, but my resto druid Mardak has crept up out of nowhere and with about 1/4 the effort to try to wrest the title away.

    In a lot of ways Mardak is like a spoiled privilege child while Rades is the hardworking, toiling-in-the-mud one. The heirlooms Mardak used to cruise through leveling? Earned by countless dailies by Rades. The snazzy shoulder enchants? Many hours grinding Hodir rep by Rades. Mardak even got the benefits and triple xp/mount from recruit-a-friend. And when it’s time to queue for a random heroic? About 90 seconds as a healer, about 15 minutes as a DPS.

    To make matters worse, as a resto druid Mardak just yawns and finds himself in pug raids, while Rades has to fight tooth and nail to get a spot, going up against all the other DPS classes (strike one), against all the other hunters (strike two), and as the “worst” Hunter spec of Beast Mastery (strike three).

    So while Rades remains my main, it’s only through sheer stubbornness and persistence.

    • I actually like the idea of a wealthy benefactor for younger, more privileged characters. Those troublesome upstarts, with their fancy HoTs and leaves and whathaveyou! Why, when -I- leveled we ran around on our own two feet until level forty when we paid an exorbitant amount for a stupidly slow animal, we hauled our asses all the way from Menethil to Ironforge STARK NAKED, uphill both ways, and BY GOSH WE LIKED IT.

      • In my day we actually had to PHYSICALLY GO to the dungeons to do them! None of this fancy-shmancy-Dalaran-esque teleporting!

        Sure would help when trying to explain to someone how to ghost run back into Maraudon or Blackrock Depths…

  6. I’ve been married to my paladin the second I rolled her. I gawk at those who have 10 80s, I find I have to really try to stay interested in any other class. My mage is 80, but she’s horribly neglected.

    I have two other levelling paladins as well and while I don’t have time to play them these days, they’re my next levelling priority.

    • See, you fall under the “love one class so much you have multiples” school of hardcore pallyness. And that is why when I get to eighty and have no idea what I am doing with my paladin, I will visit your blog.

  7. My rogue is my first character and the one that I consider my “main”. I love healing on my shammy though, and my other alts excite me too. I think that some of what is holding me back from switching mains is all the achievements, and my mount and pet collections. Isn’t that silly?

    • I don’t think it’s silly at all. It’s actually smarter than switching characters every three months (cough) and then trying to catch the other one up in terms of achievements. It’s why I have three characters with max fishing and cooking skill, one with a huge mount collection, and two with an appreciable pet collection.

      It just makes sense! The only way I’ve been able to switch characters is to really, consciously let go of caring about the achievement points etc. And I still feel a pang when I think about not having Mojo because my mage has him and my druid doesn’t.

  8. I’m a druid at heart. Druids have so much variety built-in. I guild-raid as a cat, heroic as a bear, pvp as a tree, and pug-raid as a doomchicken. If they ever give us quad-specs, I’d be thrilled – and richer. (Thank goodness for alts with inscription!)

    I do have an army of alts – mostly tanks. But I don’t put keybindings in similar places. There is enough of a difference in how each class tanks that I need a different mindset for each, and so I’ve deliberately kept things distinct.

  9. 80 Rogue – main
    80 Warrior – important
    80 Druid – a bit forgotten
    80 Shaman – important
    80 Rogue – same server, different faction
    80 Mage – fun toy
    72 Paladin – currently (slowly) levelling
    72 DK – boooring, on friends’ server
    70 Hunter – no time
    70 Priest – boring
    70 Warlock – no time

    Yes, also trying to get the 10 classes to 80, but not pressing it.
    Main reason is probably wanting to be in the position to retort “you can’t play $x, shut up” more than anything. Knowledge is power πŸ™‚

  10. In Vanilla WoW I played a Troll Warrior and Shaman, but I just wasn’t very good at it (being Elemental but stacking Stamina might be the cause, as was leveling as a Protection Warrior). But when I started my Priest it felt like I came home, it seemed very natural to me.

    Natarumah was my only high-level character until the end of TBC, when I had a 70 Mage running Kara as backup. Halfway through Wrath I added an 80 Resto Druid (since my guild needed healers) and leveled a Warrior (Arms, because I wanted to play a melee class). On a whim I started a Warlock because I felt the T1 (Felheart) was so awesome I wanted to have a lock wearing it – currently she’s level 80 and aside of the Horns I have the set complete.

    Each of these characters also adds an economic (read: profession) to my availability, meaning I am relatively independent from the economy.

    My latest project (of course) is my Paladin, leveling only through instances.

    My main will always be Natarumah, with my Resto druid Nazhtarune as a close second. Aranth, my protection Paladin, will take up my third “fave” slot I think.

    I have tried leveling a DK (boring) and a Shaman (totem island, then pew is not how I roll) but those were not very successful.

  11. My favorite and main is my shaman, who is Enh/Resto and who is the only toon I raid with (seriously, I mean. I took the mage and the hunter to some easy weeklies for the Frost so I could buy p.saronite). I’m also working my way through achievements with her – as much as I can get, since I’m in a casual raiding guild – we’re still trying to see if we can get Festergut or Princes down first. I just love both hitting stuff in melee or hitting stuff from the back with heal spells, and I love that I can switch around and be either (or in a real clutch keep the tank up for the last 5 seconds on until the boss falls over).

    I had a hunter as a main for the longest time, simply because she was my first and it was *easy*. But I suck at huntering in instances… but hey, she’s great for mining and herbing.

    I’ve always had a ton of alts, and I’m now semi-seriously working on getting them all to 80. They’re all between 60 and 70, and the mage and hunter are at 80 already. Next to shaman, I guess I like paladin the most, but that could just be because I’ve tried out tanking on him for the first time, and am enjoying it quite a lot.

    Each class has one or two specs that I enjoy – the most problem I have with the druid, actually. I don’t like druid healing, I don’t like kitty dps, I don’t like druid tanking… I’ll have to try casting with him, I hope I like that.

    It’s not really a hassle to switch between toons, and having similar keybinds (or mouse-bound heals on my healers) helps. It’s actually a bit more stressful to switch from Enh to Resto and back on my main during raids (“omg, wait, don’t run in! stay in back!” vs “MUST. IGNORE. HEALTHBARS.”, with a sprinkle of “did I remember to switch flasks?” – and I’m soo glad I have an add-on that auto-switches my gear when I switch role…)

  12. I describe Endyme as my main, my one true love, the toon I never get tired of. She’s 5 years old as of this month and while sometimes my interest slides a bit, I’ve never gotten truely tired of her. When I do find my eyes wandering, I have alts I can readily go to play.

    I truely enjoy DPSing on my DK. So much so I have 2 at 80 that are both specced Blood. So when I feel like switching it up and NOT healing for once, I have somewhere I can go. If the guild needs DPS rather than healz (usually it’s the other way around, though), I can nab my DK.

    But my paladin is my main. I get the best for her, the epic mount, the best enchants and gems I can buy, etc. Of all the classes I’ve played (I’ve played all a smidge, except for warrior) the pally is the one I identify with the most. I love paladins so much, I made a second one on my old server! Her name is Endyme as well. Yeah, not confusing at all.

    And yes, I do get confused when I swap from my DK to my pally or vice versa. It’s really only when I’ve just come from playing one and swap over to do a random on the other and I rush in at first, only to think, “Oh yeah, I’m the healer! D’oh!”

  13. My first toon is still my main. I love the mobility, utility, and high dps of the hunter class.

    I have an 80DK that I power leveled because the guild was short on tanks. But I don’t find the class particularly interesting unless the tank dies in a heroic I’m DPSing.

    I’m working on leveling a Shammy (currently lvl 38) so I can play at being a healer and a caster. Mostly I use LFG for leveling as the wait time is super short for healers. Since your pally is higher level than my shammy you’ve been very helpful in letting me know what to expect from dungeons I’m not of level for yet.

    I have a very pampered Fury/Prot warrior that I pvp with that has taken a back seat to my Shammy ATM.

    And I just rolled a Pally on Argent Dawn so I could join the blogging guild Single Abstract Noun. They’re a fun bunch to chat with while fetching non-existent boar livers.

  14. Absolutely – I can’t seem to get attached to anything as much as I love the Priest. Every other class that I play after starting Cassandri … falls short.

    I love the Mage. Then I watched as all my raiders fell down around me in Blood Queen while my Shadow Priest’s health bar barely wavered. The Mage is fragile, the Shadow Priest only *looks* fragile.

    I love the Shaman. The spells are interesting and the totems are mad and totally unique. But eventually it feels … boring… or (in the case of Resto) unnecessarily difficult to manage when you need to move even a little bit.

    The Paladin was slow – too much auto attack! Pretty animations though.

    The Rogue was interesting, and I think, still my favourite of the melee classes. But you can solve a lot of situations by spamming Sinister Strike. Sure, there is mastery involved in maximising Rogue DPS, but SS SS SS SS Evis can get you through way too often.

    I just love the Shadow Priest. She hasn’t bored me yet and we’re going on 2+ years and nearly 2 entire expansions.

  15. Up to 3 80s. They have such different roles, it’s no trouble to keep them separate. Heal on the druid, nuke on the mage, tank on the pally. I’ve loved leveling each of them, love using them at top level. The druid is my main, no question, because I’ve got the sort of personality that really likes managing all those HOTs to keep the raid up and alive. When I’m on my mage I just feel too helpless.

  16. My first 70 was a rogue – my first 80 was Anea, my priest. For a long time, both of those characters were my mains respectively. I didn’t waver.

    Then… I don’t know what happened. I got severe altitis and I’ve been all over the place. I still consider my priest above all, but I totally understand your identity crises.

  17. Until very recently, my main had been a fireballing mage. I had leveled a DK to 80 about five months into Wrath, but I had done it as dps and there didn’t seem to be any point to playing her once she reached 80. After all, if people wanted dps, they’d be far better off with my far better geared and skilled mage.

    About four months ago, though, I switched my DK to a dual-wielding tanking spec. I gradually found that I liked it, and I had amazing luck with gear. About a month ago, she caught up to my mage in gear.

    Then one of the better guilds on our server needed tanks and it was time to acknowledge what had been creeping up on me all that time. My main was now my DK.

    I love my mage. I’m on an RP server and I’ve created a rich character to go behind the avatar (even writing books using the character’s personality). It feels sad to “retire” her to alt-hood. But on the other hand, I found I enjoy tanking more. I feel much more a part of the action and much more integral to the group’s success. Plus, the dual-wield DK is a lot of fun to watch.

    I wrote a little bit about it in my own blog (a search for “Switch” should turn up the post) if you care to look. It’s nice to read about what other people feel when they make the switch.

  18. My first ever character was a druid, which I play to this day. I rolled her on my boyfriends account (he started playing in early TBC as a paladin), and I got up to level 40 when I realised that yes, I want this game and yes I want my druid. So I transffered her to a different account to have and to cherish πŸ™‚

    I tanked through TBC, and I only got tired of it when we got stuck on getting more 25 mans going.

    So I rolled a priest (Ecnalubma). It was supposed to be my healer. Erm… Right. After one too many corpse runs around Tarren Mill, I went huntering and even raided with mah Zharine.

    Then it was shaman tiem. Enhancement was loads of fun, and I even found myself healing in Zul’Aman. Shaman was my secret alt (I was an officer in my guild), and her name is Nemaje (which means “She is not there” in Croatian).

    I think my rogue completes my lvl 70 list (all of the above are lvl 80 now – I had too much time at one point, don’t ask).

    Wrath came along and I happily came back to my druid, leveled it feral, only to find myself in a heroic group with RL friends who want me to heal (you know, heroics back in the day when they were hard?). So I pulled out my Karazhan/ZA purples and started healing while sporting a whooping 800 + heal. There were fun times to be had.

    And in the meantime I rolled a mage to lvl 80 (which I fail at), a paladin (which was fun and owned pretty nicely in Nax), and a warrior (that one is stuck at 70 and remains a mistery to me).

    At the moment, I am activelly raiding with druid, which is to this day my favourite. And Im making things die of shadow and flame with my warlock. Hots and dots would be the game, but since I am a DESTRUCION warlock, I don’t do dots. The pure pewpewpewness of destrolock is amazing.

    Im missing a DK. Tried it, deleted it. So I will roll a goblin something when they show up πŸ™‚

    I changed jobs a year ago and suddenly found myself with much less time than before. So my alts are today mostly unplayed (they serve as crafters and AH alts), except for the warlock. I either raid as resto, or I do heroics or some lower level raids with lock.
    Mostly, I relax while grinding some quests and herbs and such. Its like a very colourful game of Solitaire, with sound effects and vent chats πŸ™‚

  19. When I first started playing WoW, I foolishly picked a Warrior. In the single-player games I’d enjoyed before that, like Baldur’s Gate, the warrior was always the heroine — the one who did all the work — and I didn’t realize yet that WoW is much less about class and much more about role. Still, I managed to bumble along well enough at first, even despite my weird random talent choices, complete lack of understanding about how threat and combat mechanics worked, and pretty awful gear, until about level 55 when I hit a brick wall. Mr. Ironhide Devilsaur and all your enormous ninja siblings, I’m looking at you.

    In retrospect, most of the difficulties I had with my warrior were because of my own ignorance and lack of skill, not any limitations of the Warrior class. But one day in a fit of pique and curiosity, I decided to try playing a new baby Druid instead. I immediately loved it, and it was a very long time before I wanted to play anyone else, even a little. And so Laranya was born, and in all the ways that count she’s still my “main”. She’s the one I raid with, the one who collects vanity pets, the one who has the titles and mounts and achievements, and the one I still care about the most.

    Lara got to level 70 maybe a month after the release of the Sunwell Plateau raid, and at that point I kind of hit my own plateau. Nobody wanted to bring along a fresh 70 to heroics, especially not an under-geared feral druid — at the time, cat wasn’t really viable at all for damage, even in very good gear, and mine wasn’t that good. Druids were either healers, or off-tanks, and that was basically all. I guess raiding groups would bring one moonkin for the crit aura. I still loved Lara, but it was hard to find anything useful for her to do, besides grinding daily quests on the Isle of Quel’Danas, and that was pretty tiresome after a while! Raiding seemed like a completely unattainable goal for a casual player like me.

    And so I began a long series of alt projects. I leveled a protection paladin from 1 to 70, a priest and a mage into the 40s, and a shaman into the 60s before Wrath of the Lich King hit the servers. All of them were fun in their own ways, and I still play them, but when Wrath came, I really wanted to go back to my druid.

    On a lark, I changed Lara’s spec to Restoration, just to see how it would be. It wound up being a major turning point for me as a player: Healing wasn’t boring at all! Sure, questing was a little different as a healer, but the healing role really just “clicked” for me in a way that tanking and DPS never really had. When they came out with dual-spec, I bought Lara a Balance spec for funsies, but healing is my home and hearth in the game now. Almost all of my raid-ready level 80 characters are healers: Lara is my tree, Aya the protection paladin is now Holy (and raids casually in ICC on weekends). The priest is Discipline, the shaman is Resto, and I love the variety of different healing styles across them all! Oh, I did eventually dust off my warrior and level her up too, but after some shockingly bad pug-tanking experiences that left me in tears, she has taken up a more humble existence as a blacksmith-for-hire.

    You asked if one class claims our allegiance, and I guess my answer is “yes”, for I still love Druid best. But I guess it would be most accurate to say that my heart and allegiance are with healing as a role, rather than any one class. I guess if your measure of devotion to a class is your willingness to have more than one of that class, I’m a druid for life. But really, if they came out with another healing class tomorrow, I’d be there in a heartbeat, no questions asked.

  20. My first character was a warrior, and it wasn’t until level 62 that I finally gave up and realised tanking wasn’t for me and switched over to a druid. I never wanted to heal with my druid, I leveled the whole way as balance but would heal the occassional dungeon run with friends but when I hit 70 I knew that my guild would need me to heal and went through the stressful period of learning how to heal as a tree. Once I got the hang of it I just simply loved it and I still love it. I just enjoy healing and I completely understand the healer mentality that many players get into. If I was to change over to a different MMO, I would definitely choose to play a healer again.

    In BC I also played a mage with a group of friends and finally got her to 80 recently. The mage is great fun I really like it but I couldn’t replace her and make the mage my main I would miss healing in raids way too much.

  21. Seems as if there is a lot of Druid love! My main is a Prot Pally (Svenn) and I have 5 other 80s,but lately I have not been able to get enough of my Tree. He has passed my Pally in gearing- gets invites to all sorts of stuff, has cleared the 1st wing ICC 25…which Svenn hasn’t even been into on 25man. Anyways, glad to see I’m not alone in being won over by the druids πŸ™‚

  22. Pingback: No, you Kings me, then I’ll Wisdom him and me, you can Sanc yourself and I’ll Kings you. Got it? « Pugging Pally

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