Vid does Hellfire

Today I ran Hellfire Ramparts seven times, and The Blood Furnace twice. I have met the DKs, people, and this is all I have to say about the matter.

Worth at least 1000.

I’m single-handedly healing every DK that ever thought “hero” class sounded like an awesome idea. They have names like Massmurder, Criticalsnot (I wish I were joking, although that one was a hunter), and Firecroch (sic). I’m sure I’ll have more to say about them later, but for now this about sums up my experience. Those are all quotes. I cannot tell a lie.


16 responses to “Vid does Hellfire

  1. Bwahaha, ahhh the DK’s! They never fail to disappoint! And there’s just something about Ramparts that brings it all together perfectly. It’s like a train wreck, only the train is carrying drunken midget clowns, and they all just go pouring out everywhere and no one can do anything to stem the flow of nonsense.

  2. On behalf of death knights, I humbly apologize. The problem with the class is that 99% of them give the rest of us a bad name.

  3. That it awesome!

    One thing I noticed about the dps DKs I’ve encountered with my lowbie win ret tanking pally (she’s of the Hellfire Ramparts age too) is that they’ll stand with the ranged and death grip melee mobs to themselves.

    You know, instead of pulling those annoying caster mobs to me. You know, the ones that are destroying the group because I can’t be standing next to all of them at the same time.

    It’s as if the price to pay for playing a DK is giving up your common sense.

  4. They get better, ish, by around 70 but Outlands is one long stretch of dk-filled dungeons. On the bright side there’s always more in the queue. Just… try to bring your own tank, because they can’t tank yet.

  5. So, I have a theory about why so many of the Death Knights we meet are so…interesting.

    When I was a little girl, I used to take guilty pleasure in visiting my older cousin’s house and reading all his comic books. Yes, I’m a geek. 🙂 In the backs of many of his books, there were ads for various things — mostly gag gifts and novelty items like X-ray Spectacles, Whoopee Cushions, Chinese Finger-Traps, and whatnot, but also a recurring ad for some kind of Charles Atlas body-building program. The basic plot of the ad was that a skinny boy gets mocked and has sand kicked in his face, until he signs up for the Charles Atlas program — in the next frame, he’s grown big and burly with anabolic steroids, and he punches his tormentors in the face to the cooing accolades of deluded fangirls. A real role-model. (As an aside, I assumed such girls could not possibly exist until I went to a sorority rush event with my roommate in college. They do exist. Fear it alive.)

    I think a lot of the people who play Death Knights are the ones who got mocked (“does anyone have Recount for that Van Cleef kill?”) and had sand kicked in their faces (“i pwn joo nub! lololol!”) with their other characters. Now, for the first time, they’ve got a complete set of gear that is well and properly itemized for their class and spec, no more hunters wearing cloth with Strength, Spirit and Expertise Rating. They have a fast mount, powerful abilities, plenty of bag space, and gold to spare. Plus, the Death Knight starting area makes you feel kind of invincible — all those poor peasants running from you in fear as you steal their horses and blow up their army with their own cannons. Plus, you get a pet, even if it is a nasty-looking ghoul named Skullfungus.

    By the time they get to Hellfire Peninsula, they’ve read on the forums (that most excellent source of all truth and wisdom) that Death Knights can tank. And it’s true! But sadly, not just any old spec and gear will suffice, so the first time they charge into Hellfire Ramparts, pull three groups while in Blood Presence using a combination of Death and Decay and Pestilence, and die horribly because the healer gets aggro from everything except their primary target and dies, the blame game begins. The DK tank blames the healer because he died. The DK dps blame the tank because they pulled aggro. The healer cries softly in a corner while all of this is going on, and she winds up having to resurrect the other four members of her party, because they’re too busy flexing their e-peen to run back to the instance.

    Not that I’m bitter. 🙂

    I know that not everyone who plays a Death Knight is like this. I know some very competent players who play DK’s both as tanks and as DPS, and are a credit to their class. I do think, though, that a lot of people roll a DK assuming that the “heroic” nature of the class will confer some competency upon them that has hitherto eluded them. Of course, it doesn’t, so now we have the same loose cannons as before, only now they’re better armed.

    I do wish they would give Death Knights their taunt before level 65, though. 😦

  6. I’ve seen my share of bad tanks, but thankfully I really didn’t start running instances until my Pally was into the 70s. By then, I guess the worst of the DK offenders had been weeded out, because what I’ve seen at that point is that the Warrior tanks are the ones with the problems. Not that they’re necessarily at fault, but they have issues with keeping threat that DKs and Prot Pallys don’t seem to have.

    Thanks for the warning about DKs in the low level Outland instances, because I’m leveling a mage alt now and was thinking of starting her on instances fairly soon (she’s in the mid-20s right now, and I still want to get some rotations down first before I go instance hopping.)

  7. They HAVE their taunt before 65. It is called Death Grip!
    Although few people seem to know it is a taunt. You can use it at close range too and it still taunts.

    I had to explain to two DK dpsers yesterday about how it taunted and get them to not use it. One of them used it a boss at close range and instantly died. I had to check through recount logs to confirm that yes, he did in fact use grip in melee range combat. I happened to be watching Omen at the time so I even saw his threat jump up over mine when he did it.

    The other problem with DK tanks is most of them have no idea what a dks tank spec is. They ones with half a brain (instead of none) put all their points into frost and use frost spec. That all you need to DK tank, right?
    Of course if they took a half second to check the other trees they would see moving 5 points into each would give them a lot more mitigation.

    On the bright side, we actually ran into two DKs that did use grip properly to pull in loose casters. We checked and Hellfire had not frozen over.

    • I thought Death Grip was only a “fixate” effect. Am I wrong about that? A true taunt sets your threat to the highest threat in the mob’s table, whereas I thought DG only forces the mob to attack you for some time, independent of threat.

      Maybe I’ve got it wrong, though!

      • Based on the text you would think that. Bliz is BAD about making the tip text accurately describe the math. The text of the ability certainly implies just a ‘fixate’. In this case though knew this guy had been throwing grip and I was actually looking straight at Omen when it went off. He blew from next to no threat (not a high dpser) up to match me and simultaneously pulled off.
        According to Wowhead and Wowwiki this is correct and it does and actual ‘taunt’.

        Another odd grip anecdote was that I charged a target just as someone was gripping it and succeeded and either interrupting it or aborting it. The purple lighting went off but the target stayed in its original location.

        While I am commenting on taunts… I discovered last night that heavily taunting a boss can cause a temporary taunt immunity effect to trigger.

      • I believe that the taunt immune thing was (somewhat) recently instated because of some people using two tanks for a boss fight where they just basically spent the whole time taunting the boss back and forth… And I mean literally, back and forth, from opposite sides of the room. While the boss would be traveling, the rest of the raid would be DPSing the heck out of them, and so they made it so that there’s a sort of diminishing returns for taunting so that it’s not possible to do that anymore. At least, I remember hearing or reading about this. 🙂

      • You’re right, Vid, I think they added it because of tricks like this (25-player Razuvious with no shadow priests).

        At first, they made taunt effects diminish on practically all mobs, to the consternation of add tanks everywhere. I’m pretty sure they backed off from that, so we now only see DR on taunts applied to bosses and other special mobs.

  8. My level 58 tree hugs your paladin for comfort. And sobs on your shoulder.

  9. I’m trying very hard to think of a time when someone would not want to be healed… and all I can come up with is a Warlock who will, inevitably, Life Tap and regain his own life.

    But here I am, underestimating the masses once again.

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