PSA, also the shortest post in this blog’s history

I just went to read three blogs in a row this morning that claimed to be quitting blogging.

I am not quitting blogging, and every time I go to read a blog that’s all, “It’s been fun, goodbye, etc.” I feel a pang of sadness until I realize that I am foolish and gullible. YOUR STUPID HOLIDAY CAUSES ME SADNESS.

Seriously, the first two actually had me. “Oh my gosh, so and so is quitting! WHYYYY cruel world?!” It wasn’t until the third that I went “…Now hang on a minute.”

So I’m not reading any more blogs until April Fool’s is over. That will be all. Let me know when it’s all over!

p.s. – You all need a new April Fool’s Joke. I’m just saying. 😉


16 responses to “PSA, also the shortest post in this blog’s history

  1. I rather admit I liked the one about the guy quitting wow to play farmville…

  2. Arrggh. I read them on the 31st so I was taking them seriously. Damnit. I hate April fool’s day and the idiots who think they are funny.

    • I don’t think people are idiots, I quite like the people, but that’s why I continually get upset thinking these things are real. I told my husband about it and he said, “That’s why I never play any April Fool’s jokes on you.”
      “Why, because I’m so gullible?”
      “I prefer to think of it as ‘Trusting.'”

      I just have to learn to remember it’s April 1st! 😉

  3. Aww =( A friend of mine went “I’m pregnant with twins!!” which was actually very plausible (she’s a mother of 1 and was talking about wanting more kids) and I was like “OMG THAT IS SO AWES… waitaminute…”

    Have you seen the funnies from Blizz? Amongst others, check your character on the armory & look at this new system: The Equipment Potency EquivalencE Number

    • That one’s actually kind of sad, yeah! I would’ve done the same, probably without the “waitaminute.” The page you linked though, is hilarious.
      “Your number is not large enough to whisper that player.”

    • Iris — you just made me realize that this might be a good day to tell folks about my pregnancy — with twins. No one will take me seriously about it for like another week.

      (I’d say who I am, but I don’t know which of my friends reads this too, so this comment must be anonymous.)

  4. The ones who have claimed to change races/faction/class are funnier. I just figured nobody would announce anything major different today because no one would believe them.

    I can think of lots of funny things for other blogs but not for my own. Like if you posted a story about how you’d found your true calling as a DK and were going to be tanking pugs from now on. And capping your xp at 65 to let yourself really enjoy the BC dungeons.

  5. All I can say is, I’m happy you’re not quitting your blog. 🙂

  6. I barely read any posts on April Fool’s, since they’re all “I’m quitting wow/blogging!” or “I’m changing faction to something completely unplausible!”

    I also never post on this day because I don’t feel I will be taken seriously, even if the post is clearly not an April Fool’s one. (Except this year, at risk of ruining my post, hah)

  7. I promise… my April Fool’s post is different! I am respeccing!

  8. I agree, the sad April Fools posts are always a little mean, because you are genuinely sad that a person you like is quitting/leaving the game/etc! I like ones where even if you fall for the joke, you can’t help but smile and grrr good-naturedly at the person who got you. ;D

  9. Heh, I’m the gullible type too; I totally believed Tobold’s post about WoW coming to Facebook until I read the comments. Fortunately I only had one of the “I’m quitting/faction-changing” type jokes on my blog list, otherwise it would have become a bit tedious I guess.

    I never play April Fools jokes myself, except for the one time two years ago when I said I’d quit my guild. It was kinda ruined by one of our officers being the first to respond with something along the lines of “I don’t care which day it is; I know you’ll NEVER leave us, missy, so I don’t believe you for a second.” 😛

  10. The Aussies got me good this year. I wasn’t ready on the night of March 31st for the onslaught of quit posts.

    Yeah, I took yesterday off from reading blogs after a while. 😦

  11. I swear it was all Lathere’s idea!

    Honestly writing the “we’re giving up Hots & Dots” post was really quite good – everything we said about how much we appreciate our readers and how much we loved building the blog was absolutely true and kind of hard to get across in any other kind of post except the goodbye sort.

    And yes we love playing our little Mage and Warlock. We just don’t intend to stop raiding and start a new, secret blog. So 99% of the post was accurate…

    • Yours was the very first I saw and actually the most unbelievable so it didn’t fool me! I just went “Hahaha…no.” I think the first person to fool me was Saunders, because he hasn’t been posting as much lately and it seemed semi-plausible!

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