Wednesday Linking Love

I’ve got just enough time for a quick link love list this Wednesday. Here are some things I’ve been reading that I’ve really enjoyed the past few days.

Alas over at Kiss My Alas hopes to see many tanks of four or five thousand gearscore come into the server. This is laugh out loud funny. “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single tank in possession of a good GearScore, must be in want of a raid team.

Chastity at Righteous Orbs helps me realize why even though I PvPed, my characters don’t like to talk about it. Read it here at,Β  Garrosh, Varian and the Problem with PvP.

Krizzlybear from Frost Is The New Black tackles a subject near and dear to my heart in his post Lament of the 10-man Raiding Guild. It’s about why the disparity between ten and twenty-five person content is making things hard for folks who really do believe that tens are a viable mode of progression, and not just a footnote to twenty-fives.

Incidentally, we strict tens folks are still here, although I hate calling us that. It makes it sound like we’re into something kinky that I shall not mention (the last time I made a joke about that, it comprised my site hits for weeks, along with references to the chick with no pants at the end of Scarlet Monastery. Pugging is pretty risque, let me tell you.)

Gazimoff at The Mana Obscura talks about The Flow of Gold and how gold selling and farmers affect us all. It has diagrams. I’m a sucker for diagrams.

Gameldar at WoW in an Hour looks atΒ  the trouble with pugs , and also why his friends’ list is shrinking, something Veneretio talked about (see: The Dungeon Tool is ruining your chances of raid tanking.) I find myself wondering about this, too. I’ve been pugging since level twenty and only met one or two people from my own server, one of whom was among the rudest I’d met. I have no “reputation” as a decent healer among anyone except possibly people who read this blog, and even then it’s all hearsay… Plus I told you folks that I let my tanks die and twitter while I heal. These are meant to be well-kept secrets, not exactly confidence inspiring.

Also, the Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt that Angelya from Revive and Rejuvenate organized is now over. Congrats to the winners! And if my egg gave you any trouble, I’m very sorry, I thought I’d be all sneaky and clever but not TOO sneaky and clever. I realized when I started hunting eggs myself that most people had hidden them in images, or in parts of their blog most easily accessed (About this blog, etc.) Whoops! Don’t hate me, and if you’re new to my blog after having searched for my egg in vain and now hate me, I’m sorry. I’m nice, really. There were many eggs I didn’t find, I eventually just threw in the basket and cheered on the more dedicated folks.Β  So I hope everyone had a good holiday if you celebrate holidays, and good chocolate if you don’t celebrate them… And if you don’t celebrate chocolate, you’re at the wrong blog entirely.

Here's my silly egg. It's not laughing because it's mocking you, honest.


7 responses to “Wednesday Linking Love

  1. Thanks much for the link love! Looks like some excellent reads to get through that I hadn’t caught yet also.

  2. You did so great hiding your egg. Like I said before, it’s just luck I found it πŸ˜›

    (I thought it was cute, btw) :>

  3. I thought about hiding mine in comments, but I get so few, it’d kinda be pointless.

    So when I got stuck on your egg, I thought, “Oh…wait…she wouldn’t…would she?” /searches through posts & comments /finds it “LAWLZ. Nice egg, excellent spot.” πŸ˜€

    • I never did find yours!! Seriously. I even put my husband on the search, and he was sitting at his computer, and five minutes later I looked over to see the screen with brightly coloured text while he mumbled to himself (“WHERE could it even be!”)
      and fifteen minutes after that, “I hate warlocks!” (Sorry, I’m sure it’s nothing personal.) Neither of us found it, haha. I even looked through all the comments! Then I saw where it was when Angelya posted them and said “ARRRRGH.” πŸ˜€

  4. The Pride & Prejudice article has killed me dead laughing, thanks!

  5. Your egg literally made me burst out laughing, I totally didn’t expect to find it where it was. I’m glad to see my ineptitude with blog commenting helped create such a great hiding spot! πŸ˜‰

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