Vuhdo HoT Display for Holy Paladins

This is the first time I’ve ever set out to write something instructional here. If you aren’t a Holy paladin, and you aren’t interested in using Vuhdo, you probably won’t be very interested in this. Or perhaps you’re curious. Well, Vuhdo is an addon for healing much like Healbot or Grid. It’s my addon of choice as a resto druid because I love its user friendly configuration and HoT display options. Until today though, I realized that as a holy paladin I wasn’t using it to its fullest potential.

A paladin doesn’t need quite as many HoTs set up as a resto druid does, though. We’re primarily interested in our Sacred Shield, Beacon of Light, and Flash of Light HoTs for tracking. Vuhdo has a built-in option for this in the “Buffs” menu. It lets you know when Beacon of Light or Sacred Shield drop off a specified target. This has worked fine for me up until now, for 5-mans; when I realized that “when it drops off” just wasn’t cutting it. I needed to know when it was going to drop off so I could pre-empt it, and also be able to switch targets mid-fight. I set out to configure Vuhdo to show me. It’s actually quite easy to do once you know where to go.

First off, here is the Vuhdo menu that seems most intuitive for tracking Beacon and SS.

"Buffs" panel, with Config selected.

If you look at it, you can set up a colour for each buff. I go with orange for Beacon, yellow for SS. To the right, you can see how that looks on an actual health bar. The problem with this, as I mentioned above, is that the bars will only light up once the buff has dropped off. Not always such a good thing. It also can’t switch targets mid-fight – so while you may have dropped your beacon on another target because of fight mechanics, this bar will show orange to say “Hey, player X doesn’t have Beacon!” But by default, Vuhdo won’t show you who DOES have Beacon. Because of this, after configuring my HoTs I’ve actually turned it off so that it won’t try to tell me to put Beacon on someone who shouldn’t have it. It makes the tank swapping fights easier to do. But first you need to have this info displaying, and that’s where the next menu comes in.

Vuhdo's configuration menu, at the "Panels" tab.

Instead of going into the Buffs menu, along the bottom tabs, click on “Panels.” Then along the right hand-side, look for “HoT Icons.” This is the menu you will see. Make sure that “Own Hots” is checked off at the upper left hand corner there. Below that, you see what looks like a bewildering jumble of circles, but it’s actually pretty easy to understand when you start to mess around with them. In this example you can see that I have the far left red indicator checked off. At the bottom of the screen, you can see how the HoTs I have selected will display with that option. It puts them off the health bar, in a space to the left. That could work for you if you like that – I don’t prefer it, because it means my eyes have to move away from the health bar itself.

In the center of the menu, you can see the “HoT Order” box there. Each arrow points to a place where you can select the HoT you’d like displayed; from in-most to outer. (In my example above, the orange square is Beacon of Light, Yellow is Sacred Shield, and teal is the FoL HoT. I ordered them that way because I always want Beacon  (often on a solitary target) on the left. When you click the drop-down menu, this is what you’ll see:

You must choose, but choose wisely.

Yes, you can have it display your Gift of the Naaru if you’re a draenei like me (and why wouldn’t you be?!) You can also have it show the Sacred Shield, FoL, and Beacon of other paladins by selecting  the “Others” check boxes to the right. I didn’t bother with this because I was the only paladin in our raid tonight, which is pretty rare. Still, it’s potentially useful to avoid overwriting the shields and beacons of others. In this image you can see I have selected a location for my HoTs different from the first one. I want them inside the health bar, and in the upper half so that they don’t obscure the bar entirely. I’ve also opted to line them up along the left; that way when health is dropping I can see it easily without any boxes in the way, but this is a personal choice, and you’ll see it in action a bit later. Next, you’re going to set up your own colours, in case you hate teal.

Pretty colours.

Along the bottom tabs, click “Colors” right next to “Panels” and then go to “HoTs” along the right hand side. This is what you’ll see, more or less, except I’ve already set up my colours. To change the colour of a HoT, just click on the coloured bar along the left and you’ll get a colour selection menu. Here you can see the colours I’ve defined. The options along the right deal with the text of the icons themselves, and how they act as they tick down. Here the default options are shown, I haven’t changed any of this. You can opt to select “Full Duration” next to any HoT to show it ticking down the entire time it’s running, which could be handy if you need to know as much as possible. I might try this out for Beacon so I’ll always know approximately when the refresh is coming, but it might be information overload.

In raid.

Here’s what the above configuration looks like in an actual raid. You can see the orange button indicating that Vinius is my Beacon of Light target, and Beacon of Light is active on him at this time. Immediately below him is Wallofbricks, the main-tank. He has Sacred Shield on him, and you can see that my Flash of Light HoT is ticking down – it has only 6 seconds remaining. As it ticks the box will fade and then disappear entirely, unless I refresh it first. By default, the Beacon and SS indicators will also begin to show similar timers that can be configured, but that’s getting into more “Vuhdo” things and less “Vuhdo paladin” things.

I suppose it’s generally a “duh” but these simple configurations definitely helped with my healing tonight. I didn’t have any downtime on Beacon or SS, was better able to ensure my tank had the FoL heal, and I am a doofus for not doing this sooner. I know there are great addons for tracking these things, but where possible I like to work with the addons I’m already using and clearly Vuhdo knew how to do it, even if I hadn’t yet done it myself. So don’t be like me if you use Vuhdo, configure these things properly, you’ll be grateful later!

Hopefully that was easy to understand, if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them in comments if I know the answer, no guarantees!

25 responses to “Vuhdo HoT Display for Holy Paladins

  1. It looks like your screenshots are not from the update of Vuhdo but all these are in basically the same place there. Also I find it essential for all these things – Beacon of Light especially! – to check the “full duration” checkbox on that last screen you’re using. On my druid it’s absolutely key to be able to know down to the second when my hots will fall off and I play my paladin the same way…

  2. Do you set this up for the LFD runs as well, Vid? Seems an awful lot of setup for a 5-man PUG.

    Outside of that, it seems like you’ve got a great thing going for your raids.

    (I got the e-mail notification at 3:37 AM. 3:37 AM? Great googly-moogly! And I thought I had nite-owl tendencies…)

    • Now that it’s set up, I’ll use it in 5-mans as well, yeah. But honestly it really didn’t take too long; just ten minutes or so while I figured out where everything was. It’s been an eternity since I setup my various HoT timers for resto druid; I like them the colour, place and location that they have so haven’t needed to change ’em. Vuhdo itself works great pretty much out of the box.

      • So you only have to slip in the name of the right person in the 5-man and that’s it?

      • You just cast it on the person. 🙂 If you have it set up in “buffs” it will then let you know if that person lacks the buff. If you have it set up as a HoT, it will show you who it is on. The former option only works out of combat, the latter, anytime.

      • Okay, I get it. I was still thinking in Healbot mode there.

  3. Yes, you can have it display your Gift of the Naaru if you’re a draenei like me (and why wouldn’t you be?!)

    Oh, I can think of a few reasons… ::innocent look::

    • Zip it! I know for a fact that you’re leveling a draenei right now…! Well, maybe not right this instant but lately.

      • Oh, perhaps… But given that the alternate possibilities are Human and Dorf, I chose the path with the coolest starting zone.

        Besides, I happen to enjoy the Blood Knight tabard that Quint’s currently wearing.

        (I presume that there’s a Hand of Argus equivalent after the Alliance equivalent of the charger questline, and that’s what Tomakan will be sporting when he gets that far.)

      • There is an equivalent, it’s great. And I’m crushed that you chose us only for our cool starting zone. /tear

      • Believe me, the starting zone is more important than it sounds. It sets the entire racial tone for a player, and it can really influence your playing if you let it.

        Look at it this way: I can’t think of another starting zone that requires you to go up against an entire bunch of elites like the Draenei Bloodmyst Isle zone does. And we’re not talking the mini-boss, either, but the mobs before you even think about the mini-boss. Unlike the Dar’khan Deatholme quests for the Blood Elves -where you can get overwhelmed by equivalent level mobs coming at you from all sides- the Sunhawk BE’s are fewer in number but much more deadly. It emphasizes the power the Draenei are up against.

        By contrast, the Humans get Gnolls, Kobolds (not named Gerald), and bandits. The Scourge, Burning Legion, Dark Iron Dwarves, Fel Orcs, and Silithids are all waaay far away.

        The need of the Draenei to convince everyone that they’re not the bad guys is a big motivator for me as well. The entire “yes, the Eredar are our fallen brethren” theme almost positively screams problems later on. Wouldn’t shock me that Blizz might want to play with that in Cataclysm, given the way both Hellscream and Wrynn are seeing the world completely in black and white.

        (Plus the Draenei are also the coolest looking of the Alliance races. Except for those wavy things where a beard would be off of the male Draenei. At least they didn’t use beards, however.)

      • Oh, I absolutely agree. This definitely qualifies as “preaching to the Draenei choir.” ;D My characters are as follows:
        – 80 Draenei paladin
        – 80 Draenei priest
        – 80 Draenei warrior
        – 80 Draenei shaman
        – 80 Draenei mage
        – 58 Draenei death knight
        – and I just rolled a Draenei hunter (now 14).

        Ironically, my main is the only anomaly, an 80 Night Elf druid. She’s like the apple in a bunch of bananas, or a version of “One of these things is not like the other.” I just love Draenei; the lore, the models, the sense that they are a beleaguered race that has persevered through a lot of nasty stuff. My own big regret is that I came to WoW too late to really experience the Burning Crusade at its peak. I would’ve liked to do the raids, been “Hand of A’dal” or “Champion of the Naaru.” I console myself by having every draenei character possible. I’m actually heartened to hear the reasons you enjoy playing one… we can still be Draenei buddies. 😉

      • You know, you’re allowed to post that Tauren Bear you’ve got in your toon list. 😉

        I take it you haven’t gotten anyone in your guild interested in trying to go through the BC raids just for the fun of it? When I went through Arcatraz the other day, one of my guildies asked if he could go too, so we two manned it. Given that last boss is a bit of a toughie to solo, I was glad to have a bear along to take the pressure off.

        (After having studied Vuhdo over my lunchtime, I now have this urge to go listen to Godsmack. I have no idea why….. 😉

      • Hah! Poor little bear. You’re right, I forgot my Hordes altogether. I’ve also got a 61 troll mage, a 32 Tauren shaman, and the wee bear at 18 or something.
        I’ve done the BC heroics – we played right at the tail end of BC; hitting 70 the August before WOTLK came out. We did Karazhan and Zul’Aman, but wasn’t in a raiding guild to tackle anything past that. As a guild we went back to do SSC and Black Temple (I missed it -_-) but it’s not quite the same thing, is it?

      • It might not be the same thing -and yeah, I know that Shattrath is pretty empty these days- but BC is so different than Wrath that you can still get that rush like before.

        I’d love to see Blizz go and retune the BC 5-mans and add them to the Northrend 5-man queues. What I’ve seen so far of those instances I’ve been incredibly impressed. I’ve gotten to the point where the 5-man heroics are old hat (except HoR, that is never boring) but the Outland instances are a blast. I’m happy they’re going to add Heroic Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep, but I’d also like them to give some love to the other BC instances as well.

      • Yeah, I really like the 5-mans from BC. I wouldn’t mind revisiting them at all. It’s the raids I tend to be sad I missed out on. All we really had to do at the end of BC was 5-mans, so we used to do them a lot, and I still wasn’t tired of them. 😀

  4. I may not understand pallies or vuhdo… but this sucker is getting linked on the healer addons page! Thanks for the write-up.

    • Thanks Zel! Your resources are, as always, incredibly comprehensive and useful. I remember the first time I saw your blogroll and thought, “This is amazing!” swiftly followed by, “I’m never going to get any work done again.”

  5. THANK YOU! I have been going crazy trying to configure vuhdo for pally, which has had me in much stress with 5 man groups and the like because i cant keep the groups alive sometimes in pit of sauron or forge of souls. And lets not speak of Halls of reflection which i hate with a passion.
    As soon i finish my classes i’ll go and do this options for my pally, which make more sense.

    • Jorge! You’re very welcome. I hope that this proves useful for you, let me know if you have an easier time with the heroics! There’s no reason a paladin healer can’t do just fine for all the ones you mentioned. 😀

  6. I know of a certain Holy Paladin who is new to VuhDo and may really benefit from this post/instructions (I had to win him over to VuhDo via his Shadow Priest believe it or not).

    • I think I first read about Vuhdo over at Hots & DoTs, so I owe you a thanks for winning me over to it, too. It’s such a great addon. I hope this helps your friend in some small way. 🙂

  7. I must look into Vuhdo, because I recently took up my priest again and aim to make her a bubble loving Disc healer and need something to track my HoT’s (having HoT’s is fun times!). BUT, for my pally, I found the lovely and unpronounceable addon: clcbpt. It tracks my Beacon, Sacred Shield, Judgements of the Pure, and something like the FoL HoT, I think. They’re show up as long bars that get shorter, with the seconds and person they’re all on are displayed inside the bars, and color coded for viewing ease. It was *just* what I was looking for.

    • It was recommended to me by a paladin friend but I wasn’t sure if it would work with Vuhdo or not. I may still give it a go, making all the Vuhdo config moot. 🙂

  8. With all the work you put into this guide, I may have to drop Svenn’s Ret spec and give healing another try (I converted to Vuhdo awhile ago -LOVE IT!).

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