Allegiance: Conclusion

In which we discuss whether we’re Horde or Alliance

You might remember earlier this month that I wrote about whether people had a strong attachment to a particular faction or not, which faction, and why. It had a poll in it, and I promised I’d post the results afterwards. I also asked other people to write on the same topic if they were interested! A few people took me up on my offer to expand their thoughts on the matter:

Gareth over at Altoholic’s Diary wrote about how he started out as Alliance but found out that his heart truly was for the Horde.

Coincidentally, Alas from Kiss My Alas stole my brain (I needed that) and wrote about her experiences Horde-side within twelve hours of my writing about it. Neither of us knew, I swear!

Finally, prompted by some of the discussion in the comments, Kamalia wrote a moving Ode to Orgrimmar.

Who can resist a good pie chart?

There were also many expansive comments. I loved reading all of the different viewpoints. The results of the poll were equally interesting. So interesting, in fact, that I made a chart from them. I’ve colour-coded it for viewing convenience. It is blue leaning towards purple for Alliance folks, red leaning towards purple for Horde, and green for something in the middle. It seems like my readership is fairly evenly split, with a bit of an Alliance bias. Exactly half of respondents either play Alliance exclusively (20%) or identify as an Alliance player although they may have characters of both factions (30%).

The other half play Horde exclusively (8%, somewhat less than the die-hard Alliance folks) or they play both but their heart of hearts is for the Horde (35%). A minority of people don’t have a strong feeling towards either faction and play both equally, or else feel that the factions are irrelevant to their enjoyment of the game (7%). That’s not surprising to me, anyhow, since the “faction” aspect of the game is pretty heavily sold from the very beginning. You must choose before you even make a character, are you for the Horde or the Alliance?

I’m curious why it might be that there are fewer Horde-only people than Alliance-only people. It’s not possible to draw anything conclusive from such a small sample size. I think that many of the my readers are paladins, and the Horde has only one race that can be paladins, so perhaps that’s part of it. Your conjecture or comments are welcome, though!

A few things to keep in mind; this only represents people who read here and felt inclined to vote in the poll. I don’t remember exactly, it was something around 130 people or so. I’m glad that those of you who are Horde don’t mind reading someone who is so unabashedly draenei-oriented. There’s always an opportunity to bail out, though – having Vid’s “quizzical little goat face” up on the header, as Tam would put it, makes it pretty clear from the beginning.

In which we become somewhat more Horde than previously

Meantime, Lara gave me a great idea that our guild is pursuing at the moment. We all made Horde-side alts on our server and we’re going to level and do some LFD together. Having them on the same server is awesome because you can mail heirlooms across factions! They really need to institute cross-server mailings for heirloom items.

Before we started, I thought long and hard about what I was going to make. It had to be a hybrid healer/DPS. I didn’t want another paladin, nor really a druid. I finally decided to make a priest (Pugging Priest?) because even though I have one already, she was one of my first characters and I wonder if I really didn’t give her a fair shake.

So, meet my new Forsaken priest, Mildred:

She has heirloom gear. Skull motif? What skull motif? You'd think I was undead or something.

I had never done the Forsaken zone, or any of the related quests at all, and all of this comparative morality stuff is making me think I should give it a shot from their point of view. (I still won’t poison the draenei in Hellfire though, when we get there). Most of the guild has been happily leveling Horde alts together, and we’re now in the mid-twenties to thirties range. Mildred is going entirely Disc thus far, and I’ve been enjoying it. We did RFC umpteen billion times, Deadmines, Shadowfang Keep, and most recently Blackfathom Deep. One thing worth noting here – being a priest makes it much easier to deal with warlocks at this level than being a holy paladin ever did. I’m just – here, have a renew, and it’s no problem. I remember reluctantly healing life-tapping warlocks while resenting every bit of mana they were taking.

It’s been fun to level these alts as a guild, and I couldn’t really call it pugging since mostly we wind up playing together anyhow. We have a Horde-side guild (with a bank and tabard!) It’s homey, even if it is a bit strange. During one of our dungeon runs I remarked, “This feels weird, because it’s completely foreign, but it’s also completely familiar.” Maybe when we eventually get to 80 we’ll take our little Hordies on a raid or something. You never know!

By the way, in case you missed it, be sure to check out the contest I’m running: The Well-Dressed Paladin, because we all need some more fashion in our lives. I’ve received several entries already and I’ve enjoyed them all quite a bit. It’s going to be fun to share the entries at the end, although choosing the best isn’t going to be easy!

8 responses to “Allegiance: Conclusion

  1. We all made Horde-side alts on our server and we’re going to level and do some LFD together.

    Aha! Isn’t that fun? Levelling and a change of faction seems like just the trick to keep a guild from growing bored and drifting apart in the waning days of an expansion. Good times!

    Maybe I should have made an Orc instead of a gnome? 🙂

    The faction results are fascinating. I didn’t expect it to be so even!

  2. Welcome to the Dark Side (again)!

    The Forsaken starting zone really zeroes in on two things: the Scarlet Crusade and the Scourge. In both cases, the Forsaken wants vengeance, because you get this impression that you’re hunted from the get-go. If you wander too far north into Scarlet Monastery territory, your little Forsaken lowbie will get thwacked pretty badly by the much higher Crusaders. If you wander too far east, hello Western Plaguelands!

    Silverpine Forest isn’t exactly a rose garden either: the Dalaran wizards around who apparently never got the message that Dal allows Hordies into town, and all of those Worgen that have been hanging around Shadowfang Keep. (Gee, and people are surprised that the Forsaken don’t like Worgen much!)

    Oh, and the poisoning of the Draenei in Outland is the only quest that you kind of have to do to get Loremaster in Outland, because there aren’t any spare Hellfire Peninsula quests to compensate for not doing that quest. (You can skip the female Blood Elf (who’s really a Shadow Council member) quests in Stonetalon, however. I refused to do them and managed to get some extra quests out of LBRS to compensate.

  3. It’s interesting that your reader base (or those who voted in the poll at least) are pretty much evenly divided over Horde & Alliance. When you look at server statistics, Alliance seems to be favoured over Horde a lot, usually by a huge margin. It’s also usually accepted that generally Horde players are older (i.e. most young people play Alliance) and one can also assume that your blog requires a certain level of intelligence & maturity to read. Soooooo in conclusion that is why the ratio for Horde vs Alliance readers on your blog is more even than on the servers *nods sagely*

  4. I think since Alliance has had paladins longer and they have more races available it’s more likely the audience is Alliance, especially for long time players who might not be inclined to change mains. I love my paladin, but I started playing in vanilla WoW as Horde and fell in love with my druid, who in all likelihood will forever be my main. My paladin will likely remain my pet alt until the end of his days, but he won’t replace the druid.

    I recently transferred my Alliance alt to join an Alliance guild full of coworkers and I find I really can’t help being Horde. In response to gchat talking about some “Horde heroes” killing all the auctioneers in the SW AH, my response was “Woot! For the Horde!” I couldn’t help myself… I even wave at Horde as they go by to kill Varian Wrynn.

    I’d never be mean enough to pick on Alliance auctioneers as Horde, but I couldn’t help giving my Alliance coworkers a good ribbing. Though they now wonder if I transferred over to join them for the right reason…

  5. I’m one of those people who had google haphazardly drop them onto your blog last week when searching for something like “Healing Deadmines Paladin” and have been reading happily ever since. I don’t think i’ve ever read a blog in my life, but this one drew me in. The game seems so cold now, so matter of fact. Badges per hour, gear score, gogogo. At first hearing your stories of having to deal with such people while you leveled and being happy just to find the occasional considerate person put me into even more of a funk.

    There have been moments in wow over the years that I remember most fondly. Time periods when my RL friends and I happened to be on the same page, just having fun playing together. The time where I embarked on a new server and found new friends and we played together and had fun before the greed of raiding, the efficiency of progression, or the jealousy of human nature tore us apart. The time when a random Tauren Druid tossed me a heal as I got some adds in Hellfire, and we ended up talking and leveling together to 70 from there.

    Oddly enough, during most of those periods I always thought it was progression I wanted; To be in the best guild of the server and to be the best in that guild. I accomplished it at times, and it wasn’t that great because the guild itself was run like a business and I was a mere resource. Looking back, getting server firsts really wasn’t as fun as just questing with that druid.

    I admit feeling a pang of jealousy when seeing you describe a guild rerolling horde and leveling together. Actually wanting to play together for fun. Actually wanting to talk to one another and not just logging in five minutes before raid time and logging off five minutes after. I felt the same pang when I saw the post about Lara coming over to level with you, or when I saw you describe what makes you love 10 man raiding by taking the time to draw your guildies and describe what they meant to you.

    I don’t really know what point i’m trying to make here and probably sound mostly like a sap… I just think it’s cool to see that somewhere, on some server, people are still having fun together and being good to eachother.

    • Archel, I think this is probably one of the nicest comments I’ve ever received. Thank you for it. I hope you don’t mind, I ended up using it in my latest post. It was just what I needed to hear.

      As to the part that’s actually about you, I’m truly sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling like that. Everyone should have a place they’re able to call home, and people they enjoy playing the game with. Progression has only been meaningful to me when I truly enjoyed the people I was achieving it with. Although ironically, when I first joined my guild, it was with the conviction that I only wanted raiding. I would treat these people like colleagues, they weren’t to be my friends! Obviously I failed at that utterly, and I couldn’t be more glad that I did.

  6. I’m pretty much all Alliance, all the time…and it’s really just because it’s what I happened to pick first. When I started playing WoW, the RL friends I knew who played were Alliance. So that was that. The few times I’ve tried out Horde side, it’s felt wierd, mostly cause I just don’t know the areas/quests/feel of it as well. Which can be fun if you’re looking for something completely different feeling in game.

    The highest level Hordie I have is like a 40 belf pally on Kirin Tor. It was really neat to see how the ‘other side’ lived. I sure got lost in Undercity a few times! I never was much interested in Horde side until belf’s came out, because…um….err…how to put this? The other races were kinda ugly-ish. At least the orcs…I mean, I can’t get used to them at all.

    Now you have me thinking of making a Hordie and encouraging some guildies to do the same…cause that sounds like fun times! I could try an undead again. The way you start your ‘unlife’ is awesome…waking up in a coffin? Right ON.

  7. No appreciation, some people. I like “pretty” characters too, and I’ve found an acceptable face/hair/etc style for each race (except Tauren, I go more for rawr I will stomp you with my HOOVES with my Tauren characters)

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