And the winner is…

Well, folks, it wasn’t easy! I called in the assistance of five judges to vote for their favourite Well-Dressed Paladin images.

The judges were, in no particular order:
Jaedia of The Lazy Sniper
Anea of Obeying the Muse
Lara of Root & Branch
Gameldar of WoW In An Hour
and last but not least, Rhidach of Righteous Defense

I also figured out how to post a gallery so that I could put all the images up in their glory for people to enjoy without making a blog post so long that your mouse’s scroll wheel gives up by the end. The results were close, but in the end…

First Place

Well, here we have “Gale, the Argent Champion”. As you know paladins formed the Argent Dawn, and the leader of the new Argent Crusade is none other than the strongest living paladin, Tirion Fordring. So I do not see why any young paladin doesn’t want to join this noble group and aspire to be like him. That is exactly what Gale did, and now a veteran level 80, he is garbed in his custom Argent Officer gear.

The quintessential Paladin.

About this entry, the judges said:

  • This for me is the most “loretastic” of the entries; the one that, for me, really captures the original essence of what it means to be a Paladin. At heart, I think Paladins are soldiers—principled soldiers, with a moral compass and a cause—but soldiers nonetheless. This entry really gets to the root of the Paladin—he’s not a shining paragon of the Light, but neither is he some amoral mercenary for hire. He’s here to stand up for what he believes is right. This isn’t the most beautiful of the entries, but it’s the one that I felt really nailed the lore aspect of the Paladin most squarely.
  • I think this one captured the feel of the classic paladin the best. He resonated with me the most.

Second Place

In a very close second, this entry from Kirina of Kirina’s Closet.

I used almost the whole Valor Set because I feel these armor pieces reflect the classic paladin. I used a lighter plate leggings to blend in better with the white shirt and the lighter tones in the Valor pieces. The shield is in the same design as some of the paladin helms, and the gold color of the shield blends in perfectly with the other gold accents on the shoulders/breastplate when unsheathed.  I chose this white/silver and gold color scheme to match how I believe paladins are: connected to the Light and are holy warriors.

Hey, at least a Draenei is in here somewhere!

The judges said:

  • I’m a sucker for the Valor set.  It really says Paladin to me without being overbearingly yellow and enough shininess to “evoke the light” – as the person said, “connected to the Light and are holy warriors”
  • I agree, the Valor set does look very paladinesque and I also love the use of the Shattered Sun shield.

Third Place

From Kamalia of Kamalia et alia:

I decided to make a gold and red “Horde paladin” set, a gold and blue “Alliance paladin” set, and an all-golden “universal” paladin set.

All of these outfits are intended to have a certain everyday practicality about them. I wanted them to be something that’s robust and uncomplicated enough to withstand the rigors of an ordinary Paladin’s routine activities, but yet something that’d shine up real pretty for a formal occasion. In looking for chestpieces and legwear, I wanted to have as much coverage of tender body parts as possible. I couldn’t resist using the Lightbringer helms though — those just said “Paladin” to me in a way that nothing else did. I also wanted my outfit to look good on *all* Paladins — both genders of every race that can be a Paladin, including the Tauren (because I can’t wait to roll a Tauren Paladin in Cataclysm).

More Paladins - this time, for the Horde!

From the judges:

  • “Seriously?  I love it.  If I hadn’t found out what Tauren paladins were going to be called though, I would have hated it.  HOWEVER, since I have the knowledge, I actually do like this.  I think it evokes “Sunwalker” quite well – there’s yellow for paladin-ness and sun and the red for the gross Horde… (ugh)  But overall a great look that certainly says “Glory to the Horde!””
  • “A mix of the classic paladin feel with a splash of colour – and I must admit I’m a sucker for the red undercolouring (all my toons wear the red shirt from the quest in Elwynn Forest if I can help it).”

Now, the hardest part for me in having a contest like this is that everyone couldn’t win. I fail at contests, because I loved all the entries. (It’s a good thing I didn’t judge it. “You’re all winners!”) Below, I employed blood sweat and TEARS,  people, to make this gallery function work. Each image includes the description sent from the person themselves (on the first image). You can click the first image in the gallery and just go through them by clicking “next” if you want to check them all out, and you should! There’s a lot of hard work and creativity here. You can even leave comments on each individual image rather than the main post.

Folks who entered that have blogs (that I know of, and please let me know if I missed you) include:

Traxy of I Like Pancakes
Rhii of I Sheep Things
Kirina of Kirina’s Closet
Kamalia of Kamalia et Alia
Askevar of You Yank it, You Tank It
and Rades of Orcish Army Knife

I’ll only say that the entries included a blood elf with no pants(!), the world’s least stealthy paladin ever (aren’t we all?), a paladin who is definitely not a paladin, a dwarven lady who is one, a lovely purple outfit modeled by the best race in-game, and someone’s sick idea of a PALADIN JOKE. You know who you are.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered and the folks who helped judge, I had a lot of fun with this. I might do another contest someday, and I’ll be contacting the winners shortly to start arranging for your prizes.


11 responses to “And the winner is…

  1. Nice to finally see who compiled which sets! Some lovely work done here and honestly, I wanted to put everyone in 1st place too 😡

  2. Wow!

    Congrats to the winners! Third place just has me itching to start a Sunwalker, BTW, although I’d bet the armor for a Sunwalker will look different, with some more Native American themes in place.

    • I think of the red-and-gold set more as a “Blood Knight” set than as a “Sunwalker” set myself — my all-golden set is more “Sunwalker”-ish to me. I, too, am looking forward to seeing what the NPC Sunwalkers look like.

  3. Those are all very lovely, and nicely represent different aspects of paladin-ness. 🙂 Great work from all the participants!

  4. Congrats to the winners! It was a fun contest to enter and I’m glad I took part. I’m also glad that my prediction that I was the only one to use a night elf to model the outfit turned out to be true. 🙂

  5. Very nice work by the winners! All three came up with great paladin outfits, and it’s quite interesting to read the thoughts behind the gear too. I was blown away by Kamalia’s entry with how rich the colors were. All in all a very fun contest Vid! 😀

  6. ^_^ Oh wow! There are some wonderful outfits here! I can see how close the contest would have come to judge. And, outfit contests are hard to judge…I faced the same “everyone should win” feeling last year with my Hallow’s End Costume Contest.

    Thanks for holding something like this, Vid. I was happy to be a part of it! 😀

  7. Oh, that Argent Champion set is amazing! For as much as I said I was trying to be “practical and everyday” in mine, my sets are really quite dressy — but that set really does look “lived in”. I think I’d pick that one as the best of them all, too.

    This was so much fun — thanks, Vidyala!

  8. Here is what comprises Gale’s Argent Champion set.
    Templar Pauldrons
    Gray Woolen Shirt
    Platemail Armor
    Champion’s Girdle
    Platemail Leggings
    Platemail Boots
    Platemail Gloves
    Consortium Cloak of the Quick
    Ghoul Hammer
    Khan’s Buckler
    Argent Crusader’s Tabard

    The set is rather easy and cheap to assemble. By far the hardest item to earn is the tabard. It can be bought from the Argent Tournament vendor in Icecrown for 100 (?) champion seals. Also, the white cape was an Outlands quest reward, but it can be changed out for any white cape mostly, and there may even be a look alike.

  9. I’m quite shocked that noone brought up the Paladin T2 set. I would have imagined 60% of all entries to use it 🙂

  10. Great job to all the entrants! I loved seeing everyone’s take on the paladin “look”.

    Great idea, Vid!

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