Tuesday Art Day: Gale, The Argent Champion

You may all remember that awhile back I had a paladin fashion contest! Well, the prize was art, and I’ve been busy working away at getting things done for the contest along with my usual work. I only have time today for a quick post but I didn’t want to let a Tuesday pass without art when I have a backlog of art to share.

Yes, paladins can be fearsome even in B&W. What of it?

Here is the initial sketch I did. I’ve been playing around with inking on paper and scanning instead of drawing entirely digitally. I was happy with how it turned out here, especially with the new pens I was testing out. A few things did need to be tweaked, though, as I added colour.

Gale just wanted a picture of his character “looking nice and heroic” that he could use as a desktop background. This was a good experience for me, then, as I had to make sure that the proportions remained exactly right to be a desktop wallpaper. He was extremely easygoing. He said I had full artistic license, and so I took him at his word!

But then, colour can be a nice addition, too.

Here is the final version of the image, sized reasonably for easy display. It’s not the desktop size, because that was huge. I also think that Gale and I are the only ones who would have it as our wallpaper because in his case – it’s his character – and in mine, I had to test it to see if it worked as a wallpaper! What, am I too lazy to change it back?

Um, of course not. I would never do such a thing. I love seeing a dismembered ghoul in the morning! The changes between the sketch and the original are fairly minor – I did end up moving the ghoul’s body around because it looked funny, sort of as if it was floating. And I had paint goo onto the snow. Goo, people. It was gross, yet oddly satisfying.

11 responses to “Tuesday Art Day: Gale, The Argent Champion

  1. Truly, you are the Queen of Goo.

  2. I like the Goo. Only thing is, how can you tell a dead ghoul from a… um…. not dead… no, that’s not right… mostly dead… no…. undead… yeah, that’s it! undead ghoul?

  3. “Hello in there! What you got that’s worth being undead for?”

    “Quel…. Delar……”

    “You heard that! It was Quel’Delar! The most noblest cause of all!”

    “Oh, Quel’Delar is a noble cause –unless you’re talking about an MLT sandwich where the mammoth is nice and lean– but he clearly didn’t say that. He said Kael’Thas, which means that you’re in league with that bas-”


  4. You’ve really given life to the image from Gale’s screenshots — it looks magnificent!

  5. As I’ve said in our email electronic mail exchanges, I was exceptionally pleased with the work. And yes, since last month it has been my desktop background. Though now that you posted the black and white sketch, I might change it to that! From reading your posts, if I woulda known it took so much work and time to make this I would have asked for something much simpler! Again, thank you.

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