So you want to be a…

"Look Raist, bunnies!" Alternate caption: "Noblegarden is the only holiday that allows you to crap an egg into a friend's hand and have it look festive.

We all play Warcraft because we like to kill internet dragons and be dwarves, trolls, magic users, holy warriors, and destroyer of woooorlds, right? (OK, maybe we aren’t destroyers of worlds, but you get where I’m going with this). But one of the fun things about WoW is that you aren’t always limited to the form you originally chose.

No, I’m not talking about $25 USD for a race/gender/faction change! Although I’ve been there and done that, believe me. (Female draenei to male draenei back to female draenei again, night elf to draenei, draenei to troll, troll to draenei… Let’s just say Blizzard has made gains when it comes to my indecisiveness and leave it at that).

But what if you want an inexpensive way to mix it up a little? WoW is chock full of items you can have fun with. After my last post, Liala said, “I had no idea you could be a belf or a skeleton!” She asked if I could write a blog post about all the fun things you can be. A disclaimer: I am not the queen of the shapeshift. Regrettably, having fun with various shifts is not conducive to being a druid – druid shape shifting breaks most altered forms. For a good chunk of the expansion my raiding character was a druid, so I didn’t really get to take full advantage of the opportunities.

Wowwiki has a very comprehensive page about this – it’s organized by “thing you want to be,” and has links to the various items. So if you’ve always wanted to be a basilisk and need to learn how, that’s where you should go. I’m just going to touch on a bunch of the shapeshifting items that I have or know about, and where you can obtain them. Sometimes they are limited to a specific zone or holiday; for the most part I’m not going to go over those.

"You knew this was the city of mages, but this is ridiculous!"

Underbelly Elixir

Where to find it: Small green vials, scattered throughout the Dalaran Sewers on the ground

Effect: Varies (see below)

Duration: Varies, average ten minutes

Nature: Consumable

I’ll never forget the first time I found one of these bad boys. The flavour text is ominous. “You sure about this?” Sometimes the elixir will shift your shape. Sometimes it will have an effect on the environment around you. Regardless of what it does, it’s fun to play around with!

Results of potion drinking: May vary.

You can be turned into a pink hornet and actually fly around the Dalaran sewers! Just be careful with this one; if you head out into Dalaran proper you’ll be “grounded” the same as if you were on a flying mount, although I was able to make it to Krasus’ Landing. Noodle with his potion wasn’t so lucky as to gain the ability to fly – but I’ll bet his fishing was awesome!

Hey, a whelpling has to eat too, you know.

These are some of the effects the elixir has. When you are a whelpling and fishing, you have a tiny fishing rod in your claws!

Millya always feels vaguely disoriented when disguised as a blood elf - how do people keep their balance without a tail?

Orb of the Sin’dorei

Where to find it: Heroic Magister’s Terrace (possible drop from all four bosses)

Effect: Transforms the user into a blood elf

Duration: Five minutes

Cooldown: 30 minutes

Nature: Item (Unlimited)

When Voss and I were farming Heroic MgT for the Hawkstrider (and phoenix pet) we’ve had several of these drop. Much like the transformation effect in Culling of Stratholme, you’ll be transformed into a Blood Elf of the same gender as your character, with physical features determined based on what your character looks like. (e.g. if you have draenei hair style number 12 or whatever, you’ll have a specific blood elf hair style to match, and it will be the same unless you change your own appearance.)

This transformation effect is nice because it doesn’t require a trinket slot as some of the others do. (I don’t imagine raid leaders are too pleased with people swapping out their real trinkets to fool around just before a pull). So you can be a blood elf guilt free! Except for the guilt of being a blood elf, which has a magnitude all its own. I’m just saying.

This is for people who haven't chain-run Sethekk Halls trying to get Anzu and aren't sick of arrakoa all around!

Time Lost Figurine

Where to find it: It’s dropped by Terrok up in Skettis. You can’t just fly up, find and kill him, though. Terrok is summonable at the end of a quest chain, and also summonable without the quest but with the requisite items. If you’re set on getting this you’ll have to look it up – it involves some grinding, and he’s not guaranteed to drop it. It’s beyond the scope of this short guide to explain all the steps involved.

Effect: Transforms the user into one of three arrakoa models

Duration: Five minutes

Cooldown: 30 minutes (Note: This item IS a trinket and must remain in the trinket slot for the effect to stay active. Druid shapeshifting will break it).

Nature: Trinket (Unlimited)

I was lucky enough to get this on my druid when I was farming rep with the Sha’tari Skyguard. I wish I could consolidate all the things like this that I have onto ONE character. But no matter – being an arrakoa is sort of cool on occasion. They have a variety of emotes as well as casting animations, although I found out today that you can’t sit on a chair/bench as an arrakoa. They move into “sitting” position but just stand there.

"You've stopped breathing..."

Noggenfogger Elixir

Where to find it: You can purchase it from Noggenfogger himself after completing a quest chain. (Note: It starts with “The Thirsty Goblin” and there are several steps after that for which you’ll have to do a bit of running around).

Effect: Varies, one of three:
Slowfall effect (15 seconds)
Shrinking effect (10 minutes)
Skeleton effect (10 minutes)

Duration: See above

Cooldown: None. You can just keep chugging them until you get the effect you want; the effects also stack.

Nature: Quest Reward (Consumable)

It’s worth noting that the skeleton effect can also be used as ten minutes of underwater breathing, so it has a situational use as well! As I mentioned in a previous post, I hadn’t acquired this myself until very recently. I never bothered to finish the Thirsty Goblin quest because getting that dew-laden gland was a huge pain and the drop rate seemed silly. It’s pretty fun and worth doing, though!

Did I take the potion that said "Drink me?" Or was it "eat me?" I thought the rabbit thing was earlier. I'm so confused.

Dartol’s Rod of Transformation

Where to find it: This is part of a series of Alliance-only quests in Ashenvale called Raene’s Cleansing. You receive the rod so that you can communicate with the furbolg. It was changed a few years ago so that at the end of the quest chain, you get to keep the rod.

Effect: Transforms the user into a furbolg.

Duration: Three minutes

Cooldown: One minute. Yes, this means you COULD ostensibly be a furbolg ALL the time.

Nature: Quest Reward (Unlimited)

Unfortunately, I completed this quest (I think) back before it allowed you to keep the rod at the end, so it’s not something I have. My furry friend Noodlestein was generous enough to pose with me. It doesn’t turn you into a giant furbolg, though – Millya’s under the effects of Noggenfogger in the above image.

Voodoo gnome party!

Pygmy Oil

Where to find it: Created by any alchemist from Pygmy Suckerfish (fished out of any Northrend pool and inland water, along with other fish). El explains where to get the fish and how to make the oil here.

Effect: Drinking the oil actually makes you progressively smaller. At around 6-10 oils you will obtain the buff “Pygmified,” transforming you into a pygmy gnome. It’s always a female gnome!

Duration: Ten minutes

Cooldown: None

Nature: Consumable

Being a pygmy gnome can be pretty fun, but I find that being a gnome for too long throws off my rhythm. The mask is fearsome, though, and apt to intimidate people I’m sure.

"How can this be? Flesh is not...stronger..."

Iron Boot Flask

Where to find it: Sold by Rork Sharpchin (Alliance) or Olut Alegut (Horde) for 10 Relics of Ulduar. Both of these fellows reside in the Stormpeaks.

Effect: Using the flask will transform you into an iron dwarf, as shown above.

Duration: Ten minutes

Cooldown: 1 hour

Nature: Item (unlimited)

This item alone is actually necessary for an achievement in Ulduar: You can get But I’m On Your Side! if you kill the Iron Council while under the effects of this transformation.

"So guys, I have an important question for you. Are you ninjas, or pirates? If you're not pirates, you're dead to me."

Savory Deviate Delight

Where to find it: Raw deviate fish are now rewarded sometimes from the Northrend fishing dailies, formerly you had to fish them in the Barrens. Just the raw fish isn’t enough, though, you have to know someone who has the recipe for Savory Deviate Delight and get them to fry up some fish for you. Barring that, if you want to farm it, the recipe has a chance to drop from any mob in The Barrens. I’ve seen it on the AH for about 600+ gold. People sell the cooked fish themselves for about 1 gold apiece on my server.

Effect: Eating the fish will transform you into either a pirate, or a ninja. It’s random! You never know what will happen! Your gender will still match your character’s gender.

Duration: 60 minutes (or until you shapeshift into anything if you are a druid but I’m not bitter nooo).

Cooldown: None (You can keep eating them if you just can’t stomach being a pirate…or a ninja).

Nature: Consumable (crafted)

I had a Tauren friend who said his raid group used to make him eat these because he took up too much space otherwise and they couldn’t see past him. It was sad because he liked being a Tauren so much…but he had to be a human. At least if you are going to be a human, make it an interesting one, right? (“Yeaaaaargh!”)

"Go wild in a bubble for 5 minutes!"

Super Simian Sphere

Where to find it: The bad news is that this fun trinket is a random world drop from either Icecrown, Storm Peaks, or any of the Northrend dungeons or raids. (I got mine while I was doing Hodir dailies in the cave).

Effect: It turns you into a monkey…in a bubble!

Duration: 5 minutes

Cooldown: One hour

Nature: Trinket (unlimited)

This is a great trinket for druids if you’re lucky enough to get one. As in my screenshot above – the buff continues to apply while you are in flight form, so you can fly around the world and completely baffle everyone you meet (for five minutes, anyway). You can also do the mount-special commands to spin loop-de-loops and have random people whisper you, “HOW ARE U DOING THAT. WHERE DID U GET IT?”

That’s not really an endorsement, I know.

For Gnomeregan!

Gnomeregan Pride (Horde equivalent is the Darkspear Pride).

Where to find it: This is a reward for finishing the quest chains to liberate Gnomeregan and the Echo Isles, depending on your faction. The event is still going on right now but it’s a limited thing… you won’t be able to get your hands on it forever, so finish those quests while you can!

Effect: Turns you into Gnomeregan Infantry or a Darkspwear Warrior.

Duration: 30 minutes

Cooldown: Four hours

Nature: Quest Reward (Unlimited)

I was pretty excited when I realized this would be an item you could keep around all the time. Unfortunately for me, my mage is a…troll, and I usually would choose being Draenei over being a gnome – but hey, it’s fun to play around sometimes! Just watch that four hour cooldown and make sure you use this item when you’re ready to make it count. (Maybe in PvP to make yourself hard to target…? I don’t know).

Magic Eaters.

Magic Eater

Where to find it: You can fish these up in Dalaran, and they don’t require any cooking!

Effect: One of two effects:

  • Wild Magic turns you into a basilisk, locust, whelp, or wisp, and prevents you from casting or attacking for 1 minute.
  • Well Fed gives +30 Stamina for 1 hour, plus randomly one of: +60 Attack Power, +30 Critical Rating, +30 Haste Rating, +12 MP5, or +35 Spell Power.

Duration: One minute or one hour, depending.

Cooldown: None

Nature: Consumable (Raw)

The picture above was taken while I was fishing in the Dalaran fountain for coins. A blood elf and I were taking fishing breaks every now and then to eat these – he got turned into a basilisk, and I, a wisp. It was a fun way to break up an otherwise un-fun fishing grind.

Be careful with these fish; if you’re a druid you can shift out of the  transformation but otherwise, you can be stuck unable to cast for a minute – not something you want to do in the middle of a raid unless you’re in the middle of a break.

Those are all of the items I have personal experience with. There are others that I consider either too rare or arduous/limited to acquire, but perhaps still bear mentioning:

Deathbringer’s Will – A drop from 25 person Saurfang, this hotly contested trinket will require you to be a melee DPS to even DREAM of sniffing it. I think it’s like the DFO for melee people… But if you do happen to have it, you know that the proc from it can randomly turn you into a Taunka, Vry’kul, or an Iron Dwarf.

Orb of Deception – Dropped by rare spawns in the Dire Maul arena (from what I can tell, I don’t have one personally) – this is a trinket with a 5 minute disguise and a 30 minute cooldown. It’s useless for a Draenei because it will just transform you into a Blood Elf, anyway. Get the eminently farmable Orb of the Sin’dorei instead! For other races, it could be interesting. It’ll transform you into your corresponding opposite faction race:

Gnome <–> Tauren
Human <–> Orc
Night Elf <–> Undead
Dwarf Male <–> Troll
Blood Elf <–> Draenei

I can only assume that when Cataclysm comes out, it will transform a Worgen to a Goblin and vice versa! As with similar items, your gender remains unchanged.

Frenzyheart Brew – If you are friends with the Wolvar (and that means you killed an Oracle…for shame) you can get this item as a drop from the Ripe Disgusting Jar, and then you can change yourself into a Wolvar!

Gordok Ogre Suit – I’ve never made one of these myself – it requires going to Dire Maul and acquiring some special items. It’s a consumable item lasting ten minutes, and frankly I don’t know much about it, but the Wowhead comments are pretty thorough as usual, if you’re interested in it.

So there you have it – some of the easy and fun ways to change your appearance, sometimes with limits, and sometimes without! There are a ton more (Hallow’s End is coming up, and the Hallowed Wands are always fun!) but usually the seasonal ones are fairly self-evident. I hope this proves useful for someone, in a way that won’t make raid leader’s heads explode the world over. (“Why did my whole raid just transform into ogres?!) I also owe some thanks to one of our guild’s paladins – he posed for and with me for a number of my screenshots. Thanks, Noodley!

As druids learn early on, remember: shapeshift responsibly! (No talbuks were harmed in the taking of this image. No, really).


21 responses to “So you want to be a…

  1. I’ll speak on the Gordok Ogre Suit, since I’ve been making them in my Shen’dralar repping. You have to have 4 bolts of Runecloth, 8 Rugged Leather, and 2 Rune Thread to make one. Plus you have to also have Ogre Tannin which spawns in a basket in Dire Maul North once per run. You do NOT have to be a tailor or leatherworker to make them! (I guess Tailors and Leatherworkers can get a recipe to make them with half the normal mats and no ogre tannin, but as I’m a scribe, I can’t say for sure. )

    On entering DM-North you bear west, kill Guard Fengus for his key, and continue to the west into the Halls of Destruction. The basket that you need for the Ogre Tannin is on a small platform landing between two flights of stairs. It doesn’t glow so you’ll have to look out for it. When you loot it, a summoned mob will always aggro on you, so if you’re squishy clear the landing first because a crowd is bad for your health.

    When you make the Ogre Suit it’s BOE (!!) so you can actually sell them if you don’t want them for yourself. For Insane farmers, it’s a nice little side business since you’re spending so much money on the grind. On my server they sell for 30 g per suit, which is way more than the cost of making them.

    Also the ogre suit is one time use, so don’t buy one thinking you’ll have it forever. Also don’t mount, it breaks the effect.

  2. Uhm, longest comment ever. Maybe I should write a dire maul guide. XD

  3. Ah, this is really cool – I always wondered how people did all the cool changing into things stuff…honestly, I’m so generally clueless about WoW! Sometimes I wonder how I even play this game…

  4. When I drink the Magic Eater, I usually end up as a whelp. And it seems to happen just as LFD spits out a queue; I call it my insta-queue drink.

    Have you tried using the Orb of the Sin’dorei and running into Silvermoon? My Alliance toons aren’t high enough level to find out.

    Oh, and thanks for the Dragonlance quote, it gave me a chuckle.

  5. Oo, I didn’t know that you get to keep Dartol’s rod now. Maybe I’ll actually finish the quest on my mage one of these days then. 😛

    I got an orb of deception from one of the giants in Winterspring early during my WoW career and decided to keep it instead of selling it on the auction house and getting rich (as a friend advised me). It’s kind of disappointing though, because while you keep your sex while changing race, you don’t keep your gear. Instead you wear a premade set of usually very ugly and mismatched gear, which makes it look less like “you as a [other race]” and more like a bad custome. :/

  6. You can also turn into a Dark Iron Dwarf. The buff lasts an hour I think, but not after death. At the back of the Bar in Blackrock Depths, there is a guy testing his beer ( ). He’s behind Plugger. Talk to him and you go through several pages of dialogue, eventually he drops a beer at your feet. Drink it and you’re a dwarf.

    I love this stuff. The biggest disappointment about faction changing to the Horde was the fact that my Orb of the Sin’dorei is now useless.

  7. Cute post!

    The ogre suit is a fun one, I think. Since I have been farming Steamwheedle rep I have had my hands on it more than once lately. All you need to do is go to DM: North, kill ogres until you find a shackle key, go free Knot and hope he drops Ogre Tannin out of the box he leaves behind. He also drops a variety of leather and cloth and some rare patterns for both. The next time you go in, you can then get the Ogre Suit quest done which is an extra bit of rep.

    The costume itself lasts 10 minutes and goes away from your bags on use. You can only have one in your bags at a time. It’s fun dancing in the costume, but I will admit I have yet to try other emotes.

  8. I just got Dartol’s rod on my main after getting it on my twink. (The end of that quest chain has some awesome rewards.) I love it!

    I don’t know this for sure, but you may want to get that rod NOW and not wait. I think the questline disappears come Cataclysm.

    • I’ve done the Raene’s Cleansing questline once, just recently with my Draenei Mage, and did get to keep Dartol’s Rod at the end. If the questline is going away come Cata, eep, I need to go out and do it with my NE Hunter, too!

  9. I am pretty sure you still lose Dartol’s rod when you turn in the quest; however, I think you can keep it if you just drop the quest without turning it in. That’s the way people used to do it, anyway; maybe they’ve also changed it?

    • Extensive reading on Wowhead suggests that you’re now able to just keep it when you complete the quest. I know that you had to retain the quest before to keep it though, which is why Millya doesn’t have it – I didn’t want it cluttering my quest log until eternity. They changed it sometime AFTER that. /facepalm

    • I’ve done the quest twice in the last month – once to completion, and once abandoned right after I got the Furbolg rod. Both times I got to keep it.

  10. Really well done post, Vid’ – what a great topic!

  11. It’s always fun to play around with different forms. I always carry the Iron Dwarf flask and the new Troll warrior transforming gadgets to spice things up during raids. I also sometimes carry Deviate Fish…but (as you witnessed) be careful when eating one before a boss pull. Being put to sleep = NOT GOOD!

    In terms of that Storm Peaks area where you get shapeshifted into a female, here’s my favorite memories from that area:

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  13. Awesome, thanks for listing these! I often wonder how people turn into cool stuff 😀

    I had no idea what the Simian Sphere was when it dropped and I won it, but now it’s my favourite thing for mucking about in Dal… and going to be even more awesome when we can fly about in Orgrimmar or somewhere as a Monkey!

  14. Per WoW Insider Dartol’s Rod of Transformation will only work in Ashenvale once Cataclysm launches.

  15. Yayyyyyy!!!! Now I don’t have to go to Wowiki for ANYTHING! /dance!

  16. Orb of the black whelp available in blades edge mountains is my super favorite transform as not many people know about it!

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  18. thank you, i was looking for this guide 🙂

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