A Brief Guide To Races In Pugs (Anea)

This is a guest post from Anea, formerly of Obeying the Muse. Her blog is on hiatus at the moment, that’s why you can’t click on it, but she is still awesome and was kind enough to write for me!


Vid says: "I just saw that someone's name ends in 'hemroid' here and blocked the rest out."


Have you ever been in a PuG with four Dwarves in it?
It’s an amazing run of speed an accuracy.  Have you ever had a run with three Gnomes in it?  Things can get pretty hairy.
With my highly extensive professional pugging experience, there are certain races that you should be wary of when pugging.  Those stereotypes that you always hear?  They have some basis in fact, not unlike some myths and old wives tales.  True, they do have some connections with race and class combos (Night Elf hunter, anyone?) but even in my experience, there are certain races that are cause for my mood to lighten and cause for worry when I first zone into a pug.
Firstly, let’s get the “obvious” out of the way.  Undead.  Bad.  News.  Yes, while a self-professed spacegoat at heart, I have done some pugging on the other side of the fence (the grass seems greener every so often) and my poor Troll knew she’d be in for some civilized conversation and focused gameplay whenever there was an Undead character in her group.
I’m sorry, that was a little deadpan, wasn’t it?  Did it show?  I apologize.
The other side of the spectrum though?  Dwarves.  Solid and always dependable.  Not many people do play Dwarves, of course, but it seems like you can always depend on a Dwarf with Dwarven qualities.  That PuG I mentioned with four Dwarves?  I was in it, as one of the Dwarves.  I had three other Dwarves with me and I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my groupmates after zoning in.  (I think if we’d had a fifth Dwarf pug the world might have imploded.)  And that run was the smoothest, most coordinated run I’ve ever been on, with everyone performing their roles as they should.  Which, in a leveling pug, can sometimes be hard to find.  But given the racial makeup of the group, I wasn’t surprised in the least.
Draenei are another “good” race that really has next to no worry when I’m grouped with them.  Most other Draenei I’ve grouped with have been quiet, sure, but they’ll focus with a minimum of fuss and they tend to be quite polite players.  *preens*
There are some races that really give too many mixed signals.  Night Elves as a whole, Blood Elves, Tauren.  Trolls?  Yes – they have the voodoo!  Humans?  … ergh.  With such a large volume of players as humans, it seems like bad apples take over the barrel now and again.  And now that I think about it, Orcs tend to be on the same tier as Dwarves – they know how to get down to business.
Gnomes.  Melee Gnomes tend to be hit or miss (mostly miss) but you’re not too badly off if you have a small caster in the group.  They can be quite silly though (in the best of ways) I notice.  Comedic relief, the Gnome!


"Push me."


4 responses to “A Brief Guide To Races In Pugs (Anea)

  1. I was in an all-tiny group once – three dwarves (including myself) and two gnomes. It was one of the most fun groups I’ve been in – we’d gotten BRD, and we just plowed on in. The gnomes gleefully nuked everything (fire mage and ‘lock), the warrior tanking kept aggro beautifully, the hunter kept his pet on a short leash, and I had no problems healing. We talked and joked and /yelled insults at the guy in the Ring of Law or whatever, and we generally had a grand ol’ time. The only downside was that none of us knew our way around BRD and we were supposed to kill the last boss (we THOUGHT), so we never actually “finished” according to LFD, but we had a blast anyway.

    And then there was the BRD run I did on my Belf hunter that… well. No matter what I did, my pet always seemed to have aggro from SOMEONE (yes, I turned off growl, yes, I was targeting the mob the tank had). The undead priest, despite not being too busy with the tank’s health, didn’t heal Fao at all, and he was taking a lot of damage, which meant I kept having to cast Mend Pet instead of DPSing, and the Belf pally who was tanking then got upset with me because I was doing so little damage. >< Thaaat was a GREAT group. Yup.

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  3. I’m so with you on Gnomes. It’s more a pleasure when I find a Gnome who doesn’t act wacky, and I still wish Blizz would allow you to gank your own gang from time to time.

    Dwarves? They’re…. so-so. I found them to be the same as Orcs, pretty much all over the place. Same with BEs, Draenei, Forsaken, and Trolls. The NEs and Tauren are okay, except for the Druid healers. They can get on my nerves, and not for the tree form. More like they were the “healer du juor” over the Spring and Summer, and it seemed that the pugs were flooded with the “gogogogo” trees Hordeside.

    Humans, I can’t really stand that much. I think it’s because there’s too much Varian and not enough Tirion in them.

  4. There’s a something a little uncomfortable about stereotyping races, even if they are fantasy.

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