The Rhino Dog Conundrum

I’ve got a few other posts in the works (I’m not dead, I promise!) but they weren’t going anywhere today and so this was the best I could do.

Credit to my guildies for the idea, which came to me while we were talking about the relative value of cooking dailies. Apparently people like this one best, because it awards two Dalaran Cooking Awards.

The logical conclusion, then, is a natural one. Everyone makes sure to do it!

Then he has to continually let out his robe. Let's not even talk about his cholesterol!


11 responses to “The Rhino Dog Conundrum

  1. Blargh, poor Pentarus! I feel stuffed just looking at this! Great sketch, haha. 😀

  2. Heh, I didn’t know that one gave an extra reward. I always figured that it was everyone’s least favourite since it’s the only one that requires a specific kind of meat, as opposed to the cheese daily, which requires no items from you at all, and all the others that just need chilled meat (which is so generic that you’re likely to have some around at most times).

  3. He does say he will be sharing them with some friends while watching some sort of sport. And you can’t really count all the other people doing it, because of the way the quest text is written its not like he is putting out a bounty for as many rhinodogs as he can get.

    So he only gets one or two rhinodogs per week really

  4. He probably burns off the calories worrying about those Dalaran Destroyers. Besides, he never mentions how he’s actually going to get to the game; perhaps he decided he’d want to run to wherever from Northrend.

  5. I hear he’s sending them in loads to the Skybreaker. What did you think they loaded those cannons with?

  6. Cute picture! Makes me a little sick just looking at it, though. And like I don’t want to eat anything any time soon.

    /ponders hanging a copy on the fridge

  7. My pally has been stuck between level 70 and ~74 for the last year and a half or so. The only two sources of experience she has used to get from 70-74 is the occasional random dungeon (maybe once a week) and the cooking dailies. Because of this, she has had a couple stacks of cooked rhino dogs sitting in her bags for the last couple of years… Do these things have a shelf life or something? Maybe that has something to do with why he is looking a little green…

  8. Life is good for a quest giver. Especially when the quest giver is the recipient of a cooking quest.

  9. Awwww, this is so cute! Poor Archmage Pentarus!

    Personally I think he’s got some kind of dark secret – perhaps it’s actually a Super Villain, building a machine that will harnass all the arcane energy in Azeroth VIA RHINO DOGS! MWAHAHAAHAAHA.

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