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Needs more wolves.

Adventures in Shadowfang Keep

Well this is new and exciting! I’m here, I’m excited! If you stand too near the door at the front, it pulls a pat. If you panic and back up – you back out of the instance and get teleported back to the Exodar. Then you say “OMG OMG OMG” while frantically trying to click on the “Teleport back to instance” button.

When you get back, act cool as if you meant to do it, nobody will know the difference.

Shadowfang Keep has, um, wow. A lot of stairs, a lot of worgen. Worgen, stairs, ghosts – wtf was that a ghost horse? worgen, stairs… Bear tank says “I have to go, guys, my dad needs the computer.”

Priest and Rogue turn to look at me.

“…Why is everyone looking at me? Well sure, I can wear plate, but I don’t… you know, that’s not really what I…”


I finish SFK as the ‘tank’ while Voss looks over my shoulder shouting, “That one got away from you! Are you turning with your keyboard? OK now taunt it. If they pull aggro it’s their own fault. Let that guy die.”

Amazingly, we finish with no wipes or deaths. I very decidedly unselect ‘tank’ from my random group options and toss myself back in.

Shadowfang Keep…again
Well sure, RNG, I guess I could run SFK again. If you insist. Crap, I aggroed that pat by the door again. Aaand, why am I getting a loading screen…? Oh right. That’s the entrance door, again. This group was a mixed bag. Our valiant pink-haired gnome warrior lead was tanking but not with any real zeal. At one point a shield dropped and I greeded assuming he’d take it – great shield, right? For tanking? He passes and says, “Nice shield, too bad I’m Fury lol.” He did not badly at holding aggro though, for a guy in battle stance with a two-hander. I guess at lower levels it doesn’t really matter too much.

I’m starting to dread running into hunters in these things. One hunter only brought out his pet about halfway through the instance. We’d pull a group, and he’d run in to start DPS – with his axe. He need rolled on [Some Cloth Thing Of The Owl]. I tried to see if I could out-DPS the pair of them but we had too many reckless pulls where I had to heal a great deal. (Glyph of Holy Light is WIN). This tank was nice about waiting for mana when I asked him, but it was always a surprise to him. He’d say, “Oh, k.” I imagine his thought process: “What? Why are we stopping? Where is my healer? You need to refill that funny blue bar? Why is that? Oh it powers your SPELLS. So it’s like rage. Only more like… peaceful? Okay, we can do that.”

Five minutes later “Mana, wait please.”
“What? Why are we stopping? What’s with you and the blue bar, can’t you just hit something and fill it up? No? Siiiigh.”

Arugal turned me into a worgen and for a moment I was inexplicably in Silverpine, and a worgen.

Shadowfang Keep – why do something else when you could do it again?

Another bear tank, this one stuck with us until the end. He said, “Just to let you guys know, I haven’t done this before.”

I told him, “You’re in luck, because this is my third time today!” I know all about the worgen. And the stairs. And the other worgen.

This group actually sort of redeemed the other ones. We had a nearly silent ret pally who asked quietly (I don’t know how she did it quietly, but somehow) if she could Need on an axe that dropped. We had a good hunter, everyone dinged at least once during the instance (including the wolf, “Buddy”) and much fun was had by all.

I can’t think of anything else noteworthy that happened. I think some wolves were killed.

Notes for next time: I’m level 22 now! My mana is lasting longer and I really don’t need to drink as much as I did. As Jorah observed, I could go to BFD to tackle some elite murlocs. You might think that with all of this pugging I’ve got quite a lot of blue gear drops – you would be wrong. I did snag a leather belt upgrade and like… some cloth gloves that had more int than the ones I had, yes they have spirit, yes I know that’s bad, but they were better! I know better than to expect spellpower mail, though – I remember what it was like with my elemental shaman. So I’ll make do with what I can as we go along, and someday a long time from now spellpower plate shall drop and I will say IN YOUR FACE because only another plate wearer can roll Need on it… And I’ll lose the roll to a DK.

Wait times to kill wolves are still under a minute. My flashy heals are much in demand!