Now I want to have an Unbirthday Party.

I haven’t done any search results in awhile, and they make me laugh. Search results, ahoy! But first, if you want a laugh at my expense, roll on over to Rades’ Orcish Army Knife and see how he’s been tormenting me as I level my second mage. I had nothing to do with it.

Also, my friend Lara (referenced in the link below) has recently started her own blog: Go check her out at Root and Branch. She’s got some ideas about how LFD could be improved, and a great piece about how people can use interrupts and dispels to their best advantage in 5-man instances.

2man kael possible? – Yep, Lara and I did it. I can only assume that at 80 it’d be cake, as we were appropriately leveled at the time.

who is the paladin best known for wiping – Umm… uhhh… ummm. I didn’t do it.

you are fools to have come to this place – It gives me a little tickle to think of people googling this and being brought here. Welcome to Pugging Pally, YOUR PATHETIC MAGIC BETRAYS YOU.

rudest players encountered in lfd – I wonder if they found what they were looking for? I’ve met some rude ‘uns, but not as many as I would have expected, really. People in lower level pugs are usually pretty cool.

people hate healers in bgs – I’m going to take a second to quote Dusk from the warlock PvP guide that Cynwise linked the other week (did you follow all of that…?)

Be A Friend To Healers

We’ll just start off with this: all healers are your friends.
I do not care if he is from a different server and has a silly name, he is your friend. Bad people are going to try to hurt your friend.

Save him and he will reward you by making you immortal.
Do not ever abandon your friend to the rogues.

See, you must LOVE your healers. I think the person looking for this meant that people hate healers from the opposing team. I suppose that’s true. I don’t know whether they hate them or not, but it’s good policy to take them out. Then you can pick off their team mates. But the paladin waving her hands around, there, the one with the horns? Leave her alone, she’s cool.

ring of mmmrrrggglll – I really don’t know. If anyone has any ideas they’re welcome. I don’t know what it is, or how I might have referenced it here.

bear roasting moonkin – I thought long and hard about this, by which I mean I thought of the two possible meanings. One means to cook something. The other… I’m not going to get into it. You all have the internet and/or are more knowledgeable than I. Either way, you are not going to find that here! Moonkin are cute and fluffy, what’s wrong with you?!

what is a pally birthday party? – Well, sometimes we have to take a bit of time out of letting things hit us in the face/hitting things in the face/healing the people being hit in the face to celebrate special occasions! Those Dalaran mages make some scrumptious cakes, which we take somewhere very, very secret then we all let our uptight righteousness go for awhile and put on those conical hats. Then we cast spells and blind each other and spill punch on our librams and dance. Because it’s Joe’s birthday. I can’t tell you where it happens or I’d have to kill you.

pugging pally sculpture – Do you mean this? I’ve only really got the one. I accidentally burnt her horns.

This tiny Vid sits on my desk and grins her gormless grin at me when I'm staring into nowhere trying to think of something to write.

Last but not least, I think these two search results are best contemplated together: The first one doesn’t want to move on, and the second one can’t wait.

why cant i just keep running scarlet monastery – Because growing up is inevitable, Johnny. You have to move on to Blackrock Depths. It’s just the way it is. By the time you’re done there, you should be grown up. What did you think this was, Never-Neverland?

why do i keep going to scarlet monastery – Because of people like Johnny. They queue for it specifically and you keep getting roped in. No, actually, there just aren’t many other instances in that level range, if you’re leveling primarily through LFD you’re going to see a lot of it.

Finally, you might remember that contest thing that I am running, The Well-Dressed Paladin! (What does a paladin wear to secret birthday parties?) Today is August 6th and so you’ve got two more days to enter if you were thinking of it. You can still come in under the wire and you have the weekend to get it done. Thanks to everyone who’s entered so far. It’s not a ton of people really (too busy casting shiny paladin spells, I imagine, or else wishing they could) so the odds are pretty good.


9 responses to “Now I want to have an Unbirthday Party.

  1. Heh, pretty good stuff in there.

    I enjoyed the randomness of the searches that led to this site.

    Also, grats on your first kill on your horde mage.

    And finally, having a “ring of mmmrrrggglll” on a cell phone would be pretty funny (If I had a cell phone I would most certinaly have to have that as my right tone).

    • My friend has mmmrrrggglll as his ring tone, always funny when his phone starts ringing… especially since we are usually at some sort of social event full of people who give him amusing looks of confusion.

  2. Mwahahah I love these posts.

  3. The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll or however you spell it is a quest drop off, you guessed it, Mmmrrrggglll. The quest is in Eversong Woods on the western coast.

    “Moonkin are cute and fluffy, what’s wrong with you?!”

    Moonkin are overweight bipedal owls that dance like Chris Farley; cute and fluffy, they are not!

  4. A “bear roasting moonkin” sounds like something from Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s.

    Yes, Antigen’s right. You can do that as a Horde player, but most often it’s only the Blood Elf players who encounter that quest. There’s that thing about taking a teleporter from The Undercity just to get to Silvermoon, you see….

    That mini-boss is actually really hard because he’s surrounded by a lot of murlocs there on the coast, kind of like the ones in the Draenei starting area where the Explorer’s League sends you.

    A Pally birthday party sounds like something you’d do on one of the RP servers. That’s interesting, to say the least.

  5. I wonder if the guy looking for information about two-manning Kael meant his Tempest Keep incarnation? I imagine that would be… tricky.

    And the paladin best known for wiping is Leeroy Jenkins of course!

    • Two manning Kael in Tempest Keep? Even for an 80 that’s insane. I got talked into a Temple of AQ run last month with four other guildies and we couldn’t even get past the first boss.

      I should note that was in Vanilla, so that was an Alliance Pally who did that… 😉

  6. I never get any fun searches that end up on my blog. The closest I’ve gotten as “what does ‘i like pancakes’ mean?”, which I think would be obvious to anyone with a basic grasp of the English language, and “ascii guy wants to give pancake”, which I’m still curious about.

    I’m jealous.

    • Traxy, after my post about Retardins, we started getting searches for “what is retardin cream” and “how to apply retardin cream”.

      Be careful what you wish for…

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